Casting Call

For any actors or aspiring actors out there, this casting call was issued:

Lymari Graciano
Casting Call – Please share

Scarefest Love

A short horror comedy set at the Scarefest annual Horror Film and Paranormal convention. We will be filming on location at The Scarefest in Lexington, Kentucky September 12-15.

This is an independent non-union project. There will be no payment except for credit in the film, meals, access the The Scarefest and our undying gratitude.

If you have acting experience and look the part and are available to film September 12-15 please send your CV and headshot along with your height and weight to
If you look the part we will send you sides of the script. You can then record yourself reading for the part. Send us a link to your recording so we can watch and consider you for the role.

Lymari Graciano, an award winning student filmmaker, from the University of Hawaii is traveling to Kentucky to make this film.

35 year old curvy black woman. Over 5’4” but mousy and unnoticed. She’s lived her life of rejection in the dating world. She had a humungous crush on Brad in College but he rejected her like all the rest. She has since gotten over it and moved on and has grown to learn what she likes and where she fits in – the world of Horror and Horror Conventions. At The Scarefest, under all the scary makeup, Janet discovers she is the hottest girl in the room. Life is better here at Scarefest far away from Brad. She can have any man she wants; why would she bother with that loser Brad.

We are looking for a theater trained actress that looks like a younger Oprah Winfrey about 25 years old with some curves.

30 year old, short, white, jock asshole. Always Mr. popular in High School and College, but now that they glory days are over he has grown a little desperate for dates and has remembered Janet’s previous crush on him. After being rejected by her he figures she is just playing hard to get and tries harder. He stalks her and follows her to The Scarefest. He surprises her by renting out the honeymoon suite. He gets rejected for a monster at the convention. He watches the monster kill someone and then tries to imitate this to gain Janet’s affections. Only he fails at killing and is embarrassed in front of everyone.

A short white man about 30 and past his jock glory days. We cannot stress short enough. You must be shorter than our leading lady. Short haircut, Baseball cap etc…
We are looking for a theater trained actor that looks like a jock, ex. Steve Stiffler from American Pie.


Scare-A-Con 2013

Horror and Sci-Fi version of Comi-Con, who knew? “The Northeast’s premiere horror & sci-fi fan convention & film festival” is taking place in Verona, NY on September 12-15. It will be held at the Event Center of Turning Stone Resort & Casino. They are even having a film-makers networking mixer. You might want to check it out if you’re an aspiring horror film maker. They are having a film marathon, which you can also submit your film to be shown. They even have a psychic fair, if it interests you. Conveniently the 13th is a Friday! So they are having a Friday the 13th Dance Party, I’m not sure how much dancing Jason Voorhies does. They are also having a Zombie Party Bash.  They are also having panel discussions on the topics below:


  • Introduction to Film Making – how do you get started in the business?
  • World War Z, The Walking Dead – Our fascination with zombies
  • The Ultimate History of Horror Films – where did they start and why do we love them so…?
  • Horror/Sci-Fi Heroes/Villains
  • Zombies In Film/TV – An Evolution
  • Paranormal Evidence – A Closer Look
  • Paranormal Groups & Investigations
  • Young Actors/Actresses in Horror Films
  • Discover Your Pets’ Psychic Abilities
  • Film Makers’ Panel
  • TAPS/Ghost Hunters’ Britt Griffith Presents: Para 101 – Introduction to paranormal investigating
  • Pop Culture Curses
  • Female Vampires
  • Halloween/Michael Myers Panel
  • Friday the 13th/Jason Voorhees Panel
  • UFOs in the Northeast
  • Ghost Hunters
  • Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide
  • Classic Monsters/Sci-fi Movies
  • Horror Hosts
  • ABCs of Comic Book Collecting
  • Intro to Magic the Gathering
  • Guitar Players’ Clinic
  • Twilight Zone Presentation
  • Horror/Sci-fi movies – What’s Next?
  • Celebrity Q&As
  • and many, many more!

Celebrities, yes they are having celebrities. Who you ask? Ace Frehley from Kiss, Linda Blair from “The Exorcist,” Ernie Hudson from “Ghostbusters,” Tony Todd “The Candyman” who has been in a lot of horror films, Kylie Szymanski who played Penny on “The Walking Dead” tv show, Jason Hawes from the tv show “Ghost Hunters,” and a lot more, click here if you want to check out the complete list.

If you’re close enough to attend, let me know how it was! Leave a comment!

Some Backstreet Boy Horror movie?

Wasn’t their music scary enough? Or maybe annoying is a better description. Nick Carter, who was apparently a Backstreet Boy (yeah I don’t know them either), co-wrote and plans to star in a movie called “Evil Blessings.” Here’s where it gets funny, he wants his fans to pay for the movie. In return for donations you get thank you’s and credit depending on how much you give, including a “backstreet boy package” for $1000. Do people who listen to that kind of music like horror movies? What scares me about this is the soundtrack. 😉

Apparently the film is the classic hunters becoming hunted theme. Three hunters become hunted by “an ancient family of evil.”

Halloween Horror Nights 23 does the Walking Dead

Hey all you Dead-heads. I have talked about Halloween Horror Nights before, it’s an awesome scary time. 23 years, damn I guess it has been that long. Well it’s that time of year, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando is listing their themes for haunted houses in their 23rd year. Today they announced “The Walking Dead” house which will take “you to the heart of the prison and into the town of Woodbury.” They also announced that the streets will be in a “Walking Dead” theme. Zombies everywhere! Also announced was houses dedicated to: “The Cabin in the Woods,” “Rocky Horror Picture Show” (that should be interesting), and my favorite so far…”The Evil Dead!!!” Ugh and me so far away from there right now. I so want to see this!

You lucky bastards that are close enough to go, let me know what I missed! For more on Halloween Horror Nights 23, go to their fb page:


Can’t wait until October for the Walking Dead?

Watch the webisodes on AMC. You can also watch some other Walking Dead videos there. Or click here to see pictures of the cast of the “Walking Dead” at Comi-Con.