Some Backstreet Boy Horror movie?

Wasn’t their music scary enough? Or maybe annoying is a better description. Nick Carter, who was apparently a Backstreet Boy (yeah I don’t know them either), co-wrote and plans to star in a movie called “Evil Blessings.” Here’s where it gets funny, he wants his fans to pay for the movie. In return for donations you get thank you’s and credit depending on how much you give, including a “backstreet boy package” for $1000. Do people who listen to that kind of music like horror movies? What scares me about this is the soundtrack. 😉

Apparently the film is the classic hunters becoming hunted theme. Three hunters become hunted by “an ancient family of evil.”


2 thoughts on “Some Backstreet Boy Horror movie?

    • nehehdawn says:

      I don’t know about that. This way of paying for a movie makes movie goers pay twice. Actors and musicians make a lot of money, yet they are begging for money from fans to make movies now? It’s terribly expensive just to go to the movie theater anymore without having to pay for production too. This is just my opinion. I guess some people want to say they helped pay for production, I wouldn’t.

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