The Walking Dead Season 4 sneak peak

If you just can’t wait for “The Walking Dead” Season 4 to air in 3 weeks, AMC will be showing a sneak peak. Obviously attempting to get the fans of the insanely popular zombie show to watch their new crime drama “Low Winter Sun,” AMC is airing a sneak peak during this show on Sunday between 10-11pm Eastern. 

The Threat from the Deep

This is a story that I’m reading right now. It’s based on the principles of Star Wars, but it’s very different. There are no lightsabers or droids or vehicles. There are Sith and Jedi, however, and the war between the two sides. I am on chapter 17 of 54. So far I think it’s a really great story. The author is a woman from Croatia, and it’s amazing how well she writes in English. I can’t imagine writing an entire novel in another language. It’s just impressive.

The Sith were wiped off a far away planet for ages, until a ghost Sith found a worthy pupil to teach the secrets of the Darkside. He became the only Sith on the planet, and was forced to hide. He found two apprentices to teach, both were only 3 yrs old. The story follows the rise of the Sith on this planet Horukaan. It is mostly from the perspective of the Sith, though it follows a few Jedi as well. I am only on chapter 21 (of 54), but it really is a great story and I wanted to share it. I know Star Wars is more Sci-Fi (which I also love) but this story has more to it and less Sci-Fi. It fits in the horror theme to an extent. So if you aren’t a fan of sci-fi as much, you should still read this. There is nothing futuristic, it’s actually more medieval in a way. The only aspect of sci-fi is that it’s on another planet with more than one type of people. The link is pasted below, go check it out!

Ohio Comic Con

Where: The Greater Columbus Convention Center
When: Septeber 20-22
Who: NORMAN REEDUS! And brother Merle. AS if that wasn’t enough, the great Stan Lee will be there!!!!! A bunch of the cast of the Walking Dead: Andrea, Shane, Carl…Then Ernie Hudson from Ghost Busters, guy who played Darth Maul (Ray Parks), Linda Blair, Henry Winkler, William Shatner, The Hulk (lou Ferrigno), and many more.

Adult and kid costume contest! Kids 10 and under get in free! If you pre-order tickets, they are cheaper. Tickets are sold here. They are $65 for all three days in advance, $75 at the door. They have a one day ticket for $35 in advance, $45 at the door. The prices are really good, I’ve seen similar events that were over $100. If you get the chance to go, let me know how it was. I wish I could go!