Interactive Movies

One of my facebook friends posted about this movie called Last Call.  It is a German film from a company called 13th Street.  They have developed interactive software to get the audience involved in the movie.  When you go to the theater, all the movie goers text their number to the company then during the movie when the main character calls for help, one of the viewers gets a call on their phone.  The software is designed to recognize the answers of the viewer.  Through the phone the viewer decides what happens in the movie.  The main character asks, “Should I go up or down?” or help another victim and things of this nature.  You could see the movie a couple of times and it might be different each time, depending on what the person who gets the call decides.  It sounds awesome, and hopefully this is the future of movie-going (hopefully dvds as well).  So far this is not in America,  let’s hope that changes soon!


There is also a Dutch film called App that has it’s own smartphone app.  The app allows you to get added extras from the film on your phone that you can’t get without it.  You don’t get to decide what happens in the movie, but still a new and cool movie experience.  Apparently this one will be coming to English-speaking countries soon as a company in North America has indeed bought the rights to the film.

A “4 Story Haunted Attraction?”

Anybody live in Michigan?  Erebus in Pontiac, Michigan boast that it is the “World’s Largest Walk-Through Attraction”…err was, apparently it was in the Guinness Book of World Records until 2009.  So here is the premise of the attraction from their website:

“In 1965 inside of EREBUS, Dr. J. Colbert built the world’s first functional time machine. The machine was capable of opening time portals, but there was a flaw in his design. Each time a test subject entered time travel, the time period that the subject arrived in reacted to them as a virus and attacked.

Obsessed with correcting his machine, Dr. Colbert sent his own employees into time travel. Eventually he ran out of revenue and personnel. In his madness he formed an idea, “Disguise the time machine as a haunted attraction”. This allowed an endless supply of paying subjects for testing and financing his time travel experiment.

To date Dr. Colbert is at large inside the depths of EREBUS. Despite all efforts he has eluded capture. Beware all who enter EREBUS, for if you are one of the fortunate subjects who return from time travel the dimension you return to will be altered. Life as you know it will be changed.”

Sounds like fun, I’d go!  Anyone been there and have a comment about it?


Haven Season 4 Episode 3


It figures that she’s still in the barn, not too surprising.  So I suppose this guy in the bar is some form of Howard?  Howard should be dead, but we aren’t really sure what the barn or Howard really were.  Duke was the hero of the night, not too surprising either.  😀  So if Audrey’s still in the barn, what about James?  And his psycho wife?  If Arla and James are still in the barn too, where are they?  I read another site that someone suggested Arla was the guy in the bar.  I’m not so sure about that; Arla needed to kill to get skin, and the barn would have healed her.  She had already created a skin-suit that looked like her that would have been healed in the barn.    And who was the guy with the gun in the beginning?  Was he real?  Audrey didn’t make him up.  Unless they can take whatever form they want inside the barn and the guy with the gun was Arla and the other guy trying to get her out is really James.  Audrey turned into Lexi, but she still has the same face and stuff.   Anyone else have any theories?