Haven’s Season 4 Premiere

Did you see it? Wow, so many questions. Who was the guy with the gun and what organization did he work for? There is always an organization, and it’s certainly not Vince’s Guard. Who was the other guy in the bar and what does he want? Where is James? And Arla? You know she lived, the barn had to have healed her. Season 4 is going to be good!

Poor Duke missing for 6 months and gets spit out into a seal tank and arrested. So every guy in Haven seems to be in love with Audrey/Lexi/Sara/Lucy, I’m guessing Dave is as well. Maybe she can fall for the bar guy and kill him instead of Nathan. I’m hoping we get more answers about what she is and where she came from and how it all started. I certainly wasn’t expecting Nathan to no longer be police chief, but hanging out with motorcycle guys charging $20 a punch was pretty surprising. His reaction to seeing Duke alive was priceless, awww! Who is this Wade person, did I miss an episode? It’s not so surprising if Nathan is no longer Police chief that Dwight took the job. I figured Jordon got sucked into the barn too, but it wasn’t surprising that she lived. So everyone who was killed is not dead, you’ve gotta love sci-fi! I love how it took Nathan like 2 minutes to figure out what nobody else could figure out in 6 months. And what was the Oprah Winfrey comment about? I can’t wait until next Friday! What did you think about the season premiere?


2 thoughts on “Haven’s Season 4 Premiere

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  2. […] Haven’s Season 4 Premiere (allthingshorror666.wordpress.com) […]

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