Haven Season 4 Episode 3


It figures that she’s still in the barn, not too surprising.  So I suppose this guy in the bar is some form of Howard?  Howard should be dead, but we aren’t really sure what the barn or Howard really were.  Duke was the hero of the night, not too surprising either.  😀  So if Audrey’s still in the barn, what about James?  And his psycho wife?  If Arla and James are still in the barn too, where are they?  I read another site that someone suggested Arla was the guy in the bar.  I’m not so sure about that; Arla needed to kill to get skin, and the barn would have healed her.  She had already created a skin-suit that looked like her that would have been healed in the barn.    And who was the guy with the gun in the beginning?  Was he real?  Audrey didn’t make him up.  Unless they can take whatever form they want inside the barn and the guy with the gun was Arla and the other guy trying to get her out is really James.  Audrey turned into Lexi, but she still has the same face and stuff.   Anyone else have any theories?


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