Haven episode 6 “Countdown”



Ding dong Jordan is dead!  Wow, good season.  Audrey’s back!  Yay!  Is it just me or does she play Duke a little?  I fell asleep last week again 😦  However, this weeks episode was pretty awesome.   People start seeing a countdown and all the sudden rigor mortis sets in and they are stone dead.  There is a new school only for the non-troubled kids, though now that the principal was one of the one’s that was killed, maybe that will fold.  I doubt it.  Lexie outed herself to Nathan as Audrey right after he started seeing the countdown himself.  They realize it’s the electronics guy that was causing it all and who shows up at his shop but Jordan and Wade.  They get the guy a date so he’ll stop killing people and save Nathan.  Then he’s all happy he has a date and Wade comes in and kills him for his blood, so he can be like Duke.  He runs out and Duke begs Nathan to let him take care of him, and since they’re besties now Nathan lets him.  Duke takes off after Wade, but loses him.  Jordan decides to leave since she created a monster much worse than the troubles, just as Vince predicted.  Before leaving she unties Vince and goes to talk to Wade, who wants to feel her up with rubber gloves.  She tells him she’s leaving and he kills her for her blood.  Who would give an alcoholic super powers?  Especially one that is like a heroine addiction.  So Wade the serial killer is going to go around killing all the troubled and poor Duke will have to kill him.  Hmm, wonder what happens if they get each other’s blood on them?  Maybe we’ll find out.  Gotta be Wade that dies, if Duke goes I’ll protest.



5 thoughts on “Haven episode 6 “Countdown”

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  2. […] Haven episode 6 “Countdown” (allthingshorror666.wordpress.com) […]

  3. […] Haven episode 6 “Countdown” (allthingshorror666.wordpress.com) […]

  4. […] Haven episode 6 “Countdown” (allthingshorror666.wordpress.com) […]

  5. […] Haven episode 6 “Countdown” (allthingshorror666.wordpress.com) […]

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