The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere

It’s been way too long since I’ve done this, I had two papers due and tons of school work.  I’m still not finished with my school work.  Anyway, now that the second episode is tomorrow, I’ll talk about the first episode of the season.  The kids are far more adjusted to the zombie apocalypse than the adults, but that makes sense.  Blondie has toughened up quite a bit, I wasn’t sure she was going to make it in the beginning.  She took her boyfriend’s death better than Daryl did.  Everybody loves Daryl, but that makes sense too.  Like everyone else I thought that crazy woman in the woods was some new breed of zombie at first.  Rick got to see what he could become I guess.  She didn’t have kids to look after though.  I suppose the governor is feeding the zombies so they will break through the gate.  What is with this new disease?  Now that that kid coughed in the water supply, people will be dropping off I suppose.  What they need is a scientist and a lab, too bad the last one blew himself and his lab up.

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