Haven episode 7 “Lay Me Down”

Well, I decided to take advantage of my On Demand button ( I LOVE ON DEMAND)!  I have caught up with everything I missed on Haven, and wow.  Poor Duke.  I read someone on another site say that they think everyone thinks Audrey has to kill Nathan because of what happened to Duke.  He killed his brother and his curse was cured, but that’s part of their trouble.  When they kill a troubled person, the curse of their family dies too.  I’m amazed that these people have a son and have not even thought of trying to find him.

Faced with the same situation that Audrey was, I’d have pretended to be someone else too.  So she and Nathan finally hooked up, again poor Duke.  I can’t believe Vince hasn’t caught on to Audrey yet, though I’m sure it won’t take long.  I would think they need to figure out who Audrey really is or what and how that relates to the troubles before they can find a way to end them.  They are so hyped up to kill Nathan but they aren’t really sure that will work.  Once he’s dead it’s a little late.

So who is this Jen girl, and why did Howard give her up for adoption.  Perhaps Audrey’s replacement somehow?  I wonder if she is immune to the troubles like Audrey, and who are her parents?  Lots of questions, and I’m sure James and Arla will show up eventually.  The guard will find out about Audrey soon, then things will get crazy, who’s side will Dwight be on?  Guess we’ll have to watch and see.



5 thoughts on “Haven episode 7 “Lay Me Down”

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  5. […] Haven episode 7 “Lay Me Down” (allthingshorror666.wordpress.com) […]

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