Ghost Adventures Transylvania Special


So last night the boys were in Romania for a special Halloween edition.  It was a two hour special and it did not disappoint, at least not for me.  I happen to find Romania in general fascinating, especially Vlad Tepes.  Aaron, Nick, and Zak traced the steps of Vlad Tepes from his birth to his death…well mostly.  Zak also went to the famous haunted forest, the  Hoia-Baciu forest.  If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a hot bed of activity.  There is a clearing in the center of the forest where no trees will grow, and there is no known explanation for it.  Destination Truth went there and one of their crew was attacked.  They had gone back a second time and the guy was attacked again, whatever is in that forest really didn’t like him.  Whatever is there grabbed Zak the night he went too, only it didn’t draw blood like it did with the guy from Destination Truth.  He had quite an experience though, and then they went further into the forest and he saw a big red ball floating around.  It was quite interesting.  They showed the story of a little girl that had gone missing in those woods as a child.  Her parents searched and searched for her, but never found her.  Then suddenly five years later she appeared out of the mysterious forest.


The infamous Prince Vlad was known for his ferocity.  He was a fierce ruler but he saved his country from the Turks and is regarded as a hero there.  His methods were harsh, for example the castle has a room where they kept two bears and fed people to them for entertainment.  Guess they were really bored without wifi.  Back to the show, they recorded a lot of evps and had some awesome experiences in the castle.  It’s great to watch just to see Romania and the land of the infamous Prince known as “The Impaler.”


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