“Crush” Episode 8 Haven

I just watched the episode of Haven I missed on Friday (my kid wouldn’t go to sleep).  WTF?  Audrey killed Nathan?  Maybe it’s just a flesh wound.  The guy from the barn that tried to kill Audrey/Lexie is now giving out new troubles and changing old ones with some goon.  I’m thinking Duke will be kidnapped now that he lost his trouble, he’ll probably get a new one.  So who are these people?  Did they live in the barn?  Why?  Was there some kind of colony in there or something?   William said “I’m allowed to help.”  That means there are sort of controllers of all this.  What’s with the horseshoe crabs with human eyes that follow Jen?  And who are her family?  How were they connected to the barn and Howard?  Did they once live in the barn too?  Why give her up for adoption?  So many questions.

Well at least Audrey can officially be Audrey again.  “Your salvation is now your doom.”  Most shows fizzle out after a few seasons, this one just gets better.  Though I don’t know if Nathan is dead or not, it might change the chemistry of the show if he is.  That William guy should be showing up again soon, and James and Arla.   Oh, I just looked “William” is the next episode, can’t wait!  Oh and I was looking through the photos to post one with this, one of the photos said what I was just thinking: “Seemed odd that Jennifer could hear voices from The Barn when she lived so far away in Boston. It makes a lot of sense that she’s actually a Havenite. Hope she’s not a Croker. That would be awkward.”  Wouldn’t that just be Duke’s luck.  Though if Nathan really is dead, I guess he’d have a shot at Audrey.



6 thoughts on ““Crush” Episode 8 Haven

  1. bob says:

    Maybe she;s related to or another version of Audrey

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  4. […] “Crush” Episode 8 Haven (allthingshorror666.wordpress.com) […]

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