Haven – William



Wow!  What an episode!  It looks like we will finally find out who Audrey really is…and what.  In case you missed it, Dwight got kidnapped by those two guys from the barn.  He broke out of the chair he was tied to and called Nathan while grabbing for his gun.  By the time the little one figured out that he made a call, Nathan, Audrey, and Duke were busting through the door.   They hear some noise, and find William with a hood over his head and chained to a chair.  They arrest the other two, obviously.  William claims he has amnesia and remembers nothing.

The little guy keeps yelling about a box that they were missing.  Dwight starts interrogating and all the sudden he starts losing his mind, the little guy suggested there was a serial killer and he couldn’t catch him and had no suspects.  Dwight looks at Duke and starts freaking out, thinking Duke was the killer.  He goes to his boat and tears it apart, he finds Wade’s knife.  Meanwhile Jen starts freaking out.  She is seeing Duke talk about her being crazy, she flips out at him.  That’s when he gets a call that Dwight was tearing up his boat.  He takes him to the place where he buried Wade, but it wasn’t good enough because “Squatch,” as he lovingly calls Dwight, had something very wrong with him.  Dwight arrests him and takes him back to the station…after he tazed him.  


Then Nathan interrogates the little guy.  He spits something out and it flies into Nathan’s ear, then he says he should be worried that Audrey was falling for William.  Then Nathan starts flipping out.  Meanwhile, Audrey gets called in to the coroners office and learns there are a few bodies with black stuff in their brains who were killed because they were pissing people off and tried to kill other people.  She realizes this is what’s wrong with Nathan.  She decides to interrogate the little guy herself, but then William comes bursting in.  She  pulls him out and he remembers what happened to the box.  She touches him and something weird happened, to me it looked like their hands went through each other, but they said something about sparks or something.  

Poor Duke was handcuffed to a table, and all three crazies were in the same room.  Nathan was trying to kill William, Dwight was flipping out and tazed Nathan (he was tazer happy last night), and Jen claimed only Audrey was to blame for it all.  While Dwight tazed Nathan, Audrey threw handcuff keys to Duke and he uncuffed him.  Duke took control of the situation, and Audrey and William went to look for the box.


As they got to the box, William started to change.  He said, “You’re friends don’t understand how special you are, they don’t deserve you.”  Audrey thought he was affected by the little guys trouble.  William said, “This isn’t about a trouble, this is about us.”  It turned out William was in love with whoever Audrey really is, not “the haven savers.”  He said who she really is belongs to him, and she loves him.  He implied that they aren’t human.  He said the box was for her, when she opened it there was a strange looking flower inside.  He said she had always loved it.  Audrey, of course, rejected all of this.  Then the big guy showed up, and the flower in the box turned into little black balls, like the one that flew into Nathan’s ear.  William showed that the little balls were what they were using to create troubles.  The other two work for William.  He said he had to continue until she understood or remembered who she really was, and the spark meant that her original personality was still in there.  William took the black things out of Nathan, Jen, and Dwight and brought the little guy from the prison.  He did something and Audrey passed out.  It ended with Nathan finding Audrey, she woke when he got there (the top picture).

I can’t wait for next weeks episode!  And where the hell is James?  He has to show up soon.  So many questions, this show just keeps getting better!



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