Another thing about the Walking Dead


It’s supposedly been what two years since the zombie apocalypse first started on that show…maybe more.  It takes about two weeks for a body to disintergrate in the wild, once the flesh is gone they seem to crumble.  By two years, with no embalming, the number of zombies should be very small since most people were wiped out in the beginning.  Ugh, it bugs me.  All the zombies walking around would have to be more recently dead.



3 thoughts on “Another thing about the Walking Dead

  1. I’d give this a logical pass. Perhaps whatever revives the dead humans also kills off the bacteria inside them, (so they don’t decay) and repels maggots and other bugs. Of course, then they go and show some feral dogs munching on a corpse, so there goes that idea!

    • nehehdawn says:

      Yeah, since half of the zombies are partially rotten I think that would rule out the “don’t decay” part. That would be tough world to live in, zombies that don’t decay or rot. They would last forever, or until someone punctured their brain. Hey, you might have a new show there!

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