The Walking Dead “Internment”


Wow, what an episode.  They have a ton of bodies.  They know to use these bodies to keep the walkers away, and yet they aren’t lining the fences with them.  Why?  It seems to me that would be more effective than posts or anything else.  The walkers wouldn’t be able to see them or smell them if they had enough body parts.  Anyway, so everybody seems to be with Rick so far on the Carol thing…but Daryl doesn’t know yet.  That should be interesting.  I have no doubt that Carol will be back.  I didn’t figure they’d kill Glenn off, and I’m glad Sasha seems to be holding on.  Lizzy seems to be getting better, which is good.  I’m thinking the kids need to see it.  That poor little girl thought they were like pets, she needed to see how dangerous they were.  She didn’t even take out that knife Carol gave her when that zombie was coming toward her.

Carl has become awesome.  How many times has he saved Rick’s ass now?  I’ve lost count.  It was all warm and fuzzy to see them bonding while shooting people.     

So Michonne should be thrilled to see that the mans he has been searching for all this time has come to her.  They need her there.  Really they needed Carol too.  They need all the strong people they can get.  Hershel seemed like he was losing it for a minute.   He seemed to get it together in the end though, when they were wasting body parts.  Clearly the governor has been there the whole time and feeding the zombies to bring more of them.  Now that he’s showing himself, things should get interesting.  We’ll see next week.


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