Haven “The Trouble with Troubles”


Well, things are getting really interesting.  If you missed tonight’s episode, let me recap.  The episode starts out with a huge disaster, of course caused by a trouble.  A trouble that was super-sized by none other than William.  His goons were mysteriously absent this week.  The local librarian was thinking about her trip to Hawaii and cause a volcano to erupt in the middle of Haven.  Many people were injured, Audrey and Nathan spoke to a man who’s wife was being wheeled into an ambulance.  Then Nathan and Audrey go home (Audrey cuts her hair unfortunately and lost the nose ring).  After going over files, Nathan takes Audrey to bed.  When she wakes up, she is in her pajamas (convenient since they didn’t just go to sleep) on the floor of what should have been her apartment.  When she walks outside, she sees that it’s “JOJO’s Bait Shop” and her car is gone.  So she starts to walk to the station, and Duke pulls up…in a cop uniform.  IKR.  So when he gets out of the car to ask why she is wearing pj’s, he has no idea who she is.   She asks for Nathan Wuornos and learns there is no such person in Haven.


Duke takes her to a crime scene, and she sees a sign that says “Safest Town in Maine” which means no Troubles.


Duke had taken her to a vandalism crime scene, which seemed really unimportant, but turned out to be an important clue in the shiny new safe Haven.


She tried to talk to Vince and Dave and they were appalled, thinking she was a homeless person.  Duke makes her get a psych eval at the hospital.  The doctor turns out to be none other than Nathan, but with his real father’s last name.  He gets called away to a “code blue” and as she is watching him, William shows up.  He says that someone’s trouble created a Haven without Troubles.  He said he needed to get her back to the old Haven, so she could remember who she was.  Then Nathan comes out and runs to his wife and daughter.


William demands Audrey help him find the troubled person.  Audrey says no, and he goes off to kill other people.


Meanwhile, she contacts Duke.  As she is meeting with Duke and trying to get him to arrest William, Duke gets a call about a murder.  William killed Vince and Dave.  Duke takes her to the scene and finds one of her hairs on Dave’s body, so he arrests her.  While he’s questioning her, he gets another call about another murder.  Before he leaves Audrey handcuffed, she tells him everything.


Duke meets with Nathan, of course, who is the Medical Examiner in this Haven (part time since there aren’t many murders…err weren’t).  The victim happens to be the librarian that caused the volcano thing in the beginning.  On her forehead are written the words “not her.”  Meanwhile, William shows up at the jail posing as Audrey’s attorney.  He tells her she will help him, or he will kill everyone she loves.  While Nathan is with Duke, he gets a call from his wife, but she never says anything.  However, he tells Duke that she was killed four hours ago, which takes Audrey out of the run of possible killers.

Before Duke returns, the cops let Audrey go because they have nothing to hold her for.  She runs to check on Nathan, who is running out of his house because his wife and daughter are missing.   William calls Nathan’s phone using Nathan’s wife’s phone to talk to Audrey (starting to sound like Ferris Bueller).   William says he will kill Nathan’s family if she doesn’t find the troubled person.  She finds the troubled person, which turns out to be the guy in the beginning with the wife being wheeled into the ambulance after the volcano thing.  Turned out his wife died later that night and he wished the troubles away.


Duke shows up while they are talking, Audrey walks away to talk to Duke.  He says he believes her, when she turns around Nathan had taken the troubled guy and was taking him to William.  Duke drives Audrey to William, they get there after Nathan and his family leave.  William shoots Duke and then tells Audrey that the two of them created the troubles together.   Her punishment was to have to continually fix them, I’m not sure by whom though.  Nathan shows up to help, and William decides to just shoot the troubled guy.  Audrey wakes up beside Nathan, but wearing the cheesy Haven shirt that Duke bought her in the trouble-free Haven.


Based on information trouble-free Haven Duke gave Audrey, they figure out where William is hiding.  The three of them confront William, and he starts to tell Duke and Nathan what Audrey wouldn’t: that the two of them created the troubles and were connected.  However, Nathan shoots him.  To his surprise, this causes the exact same wound in Audrey.


So, now that they are comatose maybe Audrey will wake up and remember who she is.  This is an awesome season!  Seriously, when is James going to show up?  Probably once Audrey remembers everything.  Will she be the same person William loves, or will she be the Audrey that Nathan loves?   If she becomes exactly the woman that William loves, how will she respond to James?  As every week, I can’t wait for the next episode!



4 thoughts on “Haven “The Trouble with Troubles”

  1. nehehdawn says:

    There was only one picture up last night of Duke on Twitter, this morning SyFy put their Haven pictures up of last nights episode. So I packed this very long post with all the pictures.

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