Haven episode 12



These two yahoos invade Haven to get paranormal evidence and nearly get killed.  In the beginning they were quite annoying, but they proved themselves useful in the end.  There was some sort of werewolf type creature eating hearts.  These two hacked into Vince and Dave’s computers and found out about it.  So they come to haven with all their equipment trying to catch footage of “the monster.”  They were at the second victim’s home while the creature attacked and were chased out by it.



Poor Dwight was talking to the Medical Examiner and trying to get some information.  I like her, she’s funny.  Meanwhile he looks up to see this…



They were listening to every word the police said.  The police were trying to cover up evidence of the paranormal they said.  Freedom of the press and blah blah.  Meanwhile Duke sends Jen off to figure out more about her background by snooping at Vince and Dave’s stash of info.



Aww.  So Duke goes with Nathan playing as he says private detective, he really doesn’t like the idea of being a cop.  He has to pull Nathan away from Audrey (who has to have surgery for her injuries) to go find out what is eating people’s hearts and why.  They decide to speak with her best friend, but when they get there she is being interviewed by the paranormal guys.  Then the were thing shows up and eats her heart while they are arguing.  The camera guy gets footage of the creature as they are running from it.



With another dead body on their hands, Nathan and Duke go back to the station to try to figure things out.  They realize that all the victims had the same birthday…Jen’s birthday.  Panic stricken, they rush to Vince and Dave’s to find…



No Jen, just a mess…and her cell phone on the floor.  However, as Nathan points out, no blood.  This thing kills it’s victims, it doesn’t take them.  So she’s alive, but nobody knows where.  So their only choice is to find the troubled person.  How?  Look at the footage.  They go to see the footage and the guys are all bummed because they said the footage was grainy and looked too fake to post.  They said it was just pixels, a bunch of black dots moving together.  This, of course, could only mean it wasn’t a troubled person they were looking for but William.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Audrey suddenly makes a complete and full recovery.  In fact, all her woulds mysteriously disappear.  Which means William is healed, and also gone.  He disappeared from the hospital, but now Audrey was back on the case.



Duke then gets a call from Jen, she is at a warehouse that belongs to Dave and Vince.  She dropped her cell phone but managed to pick up the cheesy novel she was reading…



This book shows up in the weirdest places.  Meanwhile, Dwight finds out that the little paranormal guy just wanted to find out what was going on in Haven because he used to spend summers there as a kid.  He was playing with a boy when a man walked out of the ocean, took the boy, and they both disappeared into the ocean.  So Dwight explained all about Haven and figured out they could help with their equipment.  One of their machines could detect the black stuff.

Once the ghost busters show up with Dwight their meter starts going off when Jen picks up the book.  When she hands it to Audrey, the meter stops going off.  Then suddenly the lights go out.  The boys try to lure the thing away from Jen, while Audrey tries to protect her.



Poor Squatch gets attacked, but the ghost buster tries to rush the creature to keep it from Jen.  Then Audrey asks, “Where’s the book?”  “Oh I dropped it,” Jen says.  Audrey shines a light on it and Jen rushes to get it.  Just as she picks it up, the creature appears and attacks her…and disappears.  Then Jen looks down at the book and sees…



The guard symbol.  They realize she can open the door to send William, and thus Audrey, back where they came from.  Why?  Why Jen?  How is she connected to them?  Did Howard start the guard?  Was Howard from the same place Audrey and William are from?  If so, does he really die or is he just back where he came from?  They created the barn as a punishment for her creating the troubles, but why not just make her destroy the troubles?  What was William’s punishment?  Losing her?    So many questions, and still no James or Arla.  As always, can’t wait for next week!



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  2. […] Haven episode 12 (allthingshorror666.wordpress.com) […]

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