The Walking Dead “Too Far Gone”



Well, the good news is we don’t have to watch any more episodes about the new Woodbury people.  What is wrong with the mothers on this show?  I don’t let my daughter play that far away from me now and we don’t have zombies.  Seriously, KEEP TRACK OF YOUR KIDS!   If you missed the episode, while the Governor was attacking the prison with a tank, Megan got attacked by a zombie that was buried in the mud she was playing in.



Speaking of losing kids, the kids in the prison were headed for the bus with Judith and they decided to just leave her and go help shoot people.  So she became zombie bait.  Someone really should have taken the responsibility to locate the children as soon as the damn tank showed up, but I guess that wouldn’t make the show as much fun.  I think the only people on the Governor’s side that lived were the two sisters.  They have to die soon, they’re really weak.  There is no way those two will survive on their own.  Daryl nearly got bit, I thought he was a goner for a minute there.



Oh and before the tank showed up, Tyreese found that somebody was disecting animals.  He felt it was the same person that killed his girlfriend.  I have seen a lot of people comment that they believe Carol was covering for one of the kids.  Many thought it was Lizzy, but I’m not so sure.  Carl would be a better candidate I think, if it was one of the kids.  Lizzy wasn’t able to kill one of the zombies, though she did pretty good shooting the living last night.



Hershel was the first to die last night.  I’m not sure who went with whom.  Glenn was on the bus, unless he got off and they didn’t show it.  Maggie and her sister are together with Sasha and Bob (who could be another suspect for the psycho killer).  I’m not sure where Michonne ended up.  Rick and Carl are together.  Tyreese grabbed some of the kids.  Hopefully they made a meet up place in case something like this happened.  I’d like to know why all the people that were just sitting on the bus waiting to leave didn’t go look for the kids while everybody else was shooting.  Oh well, if the mothers are so stupid that they don’t keep track of their own kids, I suppose I can’t expect any more out of the rest of the adults in the show.  Or the children, who didn’t think anything of leaving an infant to be eaten by zombies.


Michonne finally got to kill the Governor, though his own girlfriend finished him off.  He should have learned before that just because he has more people, doesn’t mean he can beat their group.  Rick and Carl didn’t even have a car, they just walked away.  Well, we’ll see where everybody is next week.


4 thoughts on “The Walking Dead “Too Far Gone”

  1. zombiebuff says:

    I think Judith’s bloody carrier is a red herring. I think someone got her out. Also, Maggie’s sister, Beth, took off with Daryl.

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