The Walking Dead…Additional thoughts on last episode


When Rick and Carl found the car seat, first thing I thought was “there is no body, somebody took her.”  It seems I am not alone in this line of thinking.  I saw on another site a photo of Tyreese running away carrying something.  He was bloody because he had been shot.  That would explain the blood on the car seat, and he took the kids.  He would leave the baby behind.  Naturally I can’t find that picture now.  Oh well, if I find it later, I’ll post it here.

Second, who the hell were all those people in the bus that did nothing to help?  Even the kids helped fight.  Meanwhile Sasha was fine, and Glenn was still really sick.  Granted she did get sick first.  So those are my thoughts about that.  I can’t believe we have to wait until Feb. for the rest of the season.  My guess is they will eventually hunt Carol down to find out if she really killed those people or what she knows about it.  Any thoughts?

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