Haven “When the Bough Breaks”



William has grown on me, I’m starting to really like this guy.  Last nights episode was pretty amazing, though I bet it won’t even compare to the season finale next week.  If you missed last night’s episode, William triggered an infant’s trouble.  It might not have been so bad, except that every time the baby cried people died.  He said the only solution was for her to create an opposite trouble, a silence trouble.  She refused, and tried to find a pattern.  As William told her, there was no pattern and her usual techniques to help troubles were of no use in this case.



Figuring Audrey is immune to the troubles, they decided to try to have Audrey hold the baby when he cried to prevent people from dying.  Not only did it not work, the baby’s mother was killed when he cried along with five other people.  She decided to research to try and find an answer, but as William told her there was none to be found.  In addition, the baby was the grandson (step-grandson technically) of the Medical Examiner.  At this point, Audrey felt there was no choice but to do what William wanted.




Duke felt this was an insanely bad idea, so she first told William she was going to kill the baby instead.  He said they had a huge family and he would keep triggering the trouble in the infants of the family until she did what he wanted.  So she agreed.  Meanwhile Jen was trying to figure out how to open the magic door.  They found that the key to the book was none other than Vince.  His guard symbol was not a tattoo, but a birth mark.




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