Hotel Transylvania


I saw Hotel Transylvania last week.  I know it’s animated, but it’s still Dracula.  So the premise of the story is that Dracula’s daughter (Mavis)  is turning 118, and they’re having a huge party for her.  However, she is restless.  She has spent 118 years in the castle/hotel.   The hotel is for monsters only, a safe haven from humans.  So he tells her she can go check out the nearby town.  When she gets to the town, she is attacked and goes home realizing her father is right about humans.  Then the walls of the houses fall down and some of the “human’s” heads fall off.  The “town” was constructed by her father and isn’t really a town at all.

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Happy that she is safe, Dracula goes on with the plans for her party and welcoming guests into the hotel.  Suddenly a human walks in.  A short red haired boy that has no clue what the hotel really is.  He thinks the monster thing is a gimick, though it doesn’t take him long to realize he is indeed speaking to the real Dracula.  All around him are the Frankenstein monster, Wolfman, Mummy, Invisible Man, and a whole host of other monsters.  So Dracula dresses the human up in a Frankenstein Monster disguise, gelling his red hair straight up.  Dracula tells the Frankenstein monster it’s a cousin of his arm.


The human stumbles into Dracula’s daughter’s room, and of course they fall in love.  The human ended up making her party fun.  In the end, he was discovered by the monsters and they were frightened of him.  Dracula showed him a portrait, the human said he knew her from a legend.  It turned out their castle was attacked and burned by humans.  Dracula’s wife was killed in the fire.  Understanding Dracula’s point of view, he leaves and makes Dracula’s daughter think he’s not interested.  He kind of looks like a stoner.


However, Dracula realizes his daughter is miserable, and that is much worse than her being gone.  So he goes after the human to bring him back.  He finds the townspeople of Transylvania love him and the monsters now, they even help him get to the airport.  He brings the human back and gives his daughter some luggage and tickets to Hawaii.


Over all it was a cute movie.  It’s the kind of movie you can watch with your kids, though mine wasn’t interested.  She was on her computer, but I don’t watch things that are too intense while she’s awake.  This was a good movie for that.


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