American Horror Story: Coven “Head”


Well that was interesting.  Any show with Marie Laveau as a character is worth watching, she is the most famous voodoo priestess in history.  She is also probably the most visited, her tomb is always filled with offerings from visitors.  I’ve been there myself and left coins.  The last episode I had seen of this show, Cordelia had done a ritual to try to get pregnant.  I’m guessing that didn’t work.  She found out her husband was a witch hunter, though clearly he was actually trying to protect her from his father and their organization.


Bear with me, I don’t know everybody’s name yet.  Apparently I won’t learn them any time soon, since the show won’t be back on until January 8th.  What is this mid-season break crap?  They are taking cues from “The Walking Dead.”  Anyway, I was a smidge lost with the guy in the hospital.  Some guy named Luke who found out that his crazy religious mother killed his father.

images (1)  american-horror-story-coven-head-taissa-farmiga-jamie-brewer-emma-roberts

The last we see of her, she is holding a pillow over her son’s face.  Mother of the year.

Fiona asks Marie Laveau to team up with her coven against the hunters, she refused.  It turned out that she was trying to force Cordelia’s husband to kill their coven.  Instead he came to Marie Laveau’s place and killed everyone but her.  Queenie gave her life to save Marie Laveau or at least she shot herself in the brain.  Who knows, maybe she’ll be back.  Shooting herself killed Cordelia’s husband.


Before that, she left the head of  Kathy Bates character in front of a television watching the Martin Luther King Jr. march or something similar.  This seemed to affect the extremely prejudice woman.


Fionna had a guard dog, but the zombie kid killed it.  So she decided he would make a better guard dog, she fixed him up a bit.


Oh Cordelia got her eyes fixed by her aunt.


She kind of, sort of killed some people for their eyes.  Then chopped up the rest.


She used one eye from each person, because she once had a cat with one blue eye and one brown.  She paralyzed them with something in the melon balls, then took the melon baller and scooped out their eyes.  Then put them in Cordelia.


So Cordelia has two different eyes, can see but lost her visions.  There is a zombie guard, and a head left abandoned with the headless body in a cell.  Some chopped up body parts, a boy being killed by his crazy mother, and in the end Marie Laveau moving into the coven to Fiona’s delight.  All in all it was a good show.  We have to wait until January to see what happens next.



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