Haven “Lighthouse” Season 4 Finale


Well that had to be the best Haven episode EVER!  In case you missed it, I’ll recap.  It picked up where it left off last week, Audrey giving Duke his Trouble back.  This time Audrey started to remember her true self.  Duke tells Nathan to watch Audrey, because “something’s different.”   Audrey was outside talking to the Medical Examiner when they hear a gunshot.  Duke comes out and says to the Medical Examiner, “I don’t expect you to ever forgive me.”  She gave him a hug, it isn’t easy for Duke to do what he does.  He killed her step-son, but only to save the baby.


Meanwhile, William tells his goons he has a date.  He felt Audrey remember who she was.  He tells the goons to stay put until he calls them.  Audrey tells Nathan her plan…and her name.  Mara is who she really is.  Audrey said she did not want to be Mara, but Audrey is really an FBI agent in Boston.  She tells Nathan that he can use a tranquilizer gun on William while she keeps him busy.


Jen, Duke, Vince, Dave, and Dwight were figuring out who the other person was that they needed to open the door.  Dave was adamant that the door remain closed.  Duke and Dwight decide to try the goons, thinking they may be from another dimension.


Dwight says they need them, so they can’t use guns.  He gives Duke a tazer gun.  However, when they both taze the big guy, well he just ripped them out of him.  It did nothing.  Then they said they had to go, and it became apparent why the tazer did nothing…


They were created by William.  He called them to get Nathan, realizing that Nathan was waiting to shoot him.  They drug Nathan 0ut of the bushes and in front of Audrey/Mara and William.  The goons started to beat Nathan on William’s command, and Audrey said “make them stop.”  He told her she could control them, and had her make them stop.  She did.  He then handed her the box to put the black balls back in.  She did that too.  Then she saw her and William centuries ago.  William promised her that if she was caught he would never stop until he got her back.  He spent centuries trying to free her.  It’s almost like Bram Stoker’s Dracula.


Meanwhile, Jen, Duke, and Dwight were still trying to figure out who the other person was that they needed to open the door.  Jen said Vince and Dave’s storage was broken into and some things were stolen.  Then Duke got sick, he thought it was just a cold, but then this happened…


He kind of killed all the grass around him, and Dwight and Jen had to back far away.  Then he said he had a headache.  They went to Vince and Dave.  Meanwhile, Vince was confronting Dave because he found out that he had stolen the adoption records.  Dave ran in to tell Vince the storage room had been broken into, but Vince knew better.  He said no, you have the stuff, like you have the adoption records.  He had video of the records lady handing off the records to Dave.  She had thought Vince ordered it (she was part of the guard).  Vince asked who was so special that Dave couldn’t tell his own brother who it was.  Of course a few episodes ago, we learned that Dave was adopted.  So naturally Dave is the other person that was from another dimension.  He knew what was in the door, he had somehow opened it before and seen what was beyond it.  He said he wouldn’t help them because something compelled him to go through the door, and he had no intentions of going back.  This will become important next season, because Mara will know that Dave can open the door.

Back to Audrey, William, and Nathan.  William tried to convince Audrey/Mara to give Nathan another Trouble.  “He already has a Trouble.  What will happen?” she asked.  She walked over to Nathan, as he tried to talk her out of it.  Then she said, “Now.  Now.”  So Nathan head butted her and knocked her out, thus knocking out William with her.


Somehow Nathan managed to get them both to the door, naturally they didn’t show that part.  The two men traded insults and William said Nathan couldn’t hurt him without hurting Audrey.  He said, “I bet I can.”  Then he kneed him in the balls.  She doesn’t have those, so it didn’t hurt her.  The others had cuffed Dave and dragged him to the door as well.  He was not happy.  Nathan asked Duke to watch William, Nathan was not aware of Duke’s condition.  He started to get sick, and William said he was a dead man.  Apparently, Mara didn’t just activate the his families Trouble but every Trouble the Croker family ever ended.  It was killing Duke.  When Duke doubled over, Dave grabbed his gun.  He told Vince he would shoot him before he’d open that door.


Dwight stood behind Dave so the bullet would shoot him instead.  William was starting to freak out too.  He said they had no idea what they were doing.  He said Dave knew what was down there, and he and Dave should go have a beer.  Instead, the door was opened.


It was all foggy.  Audrey felt the pull of Mara.  Dave walked to the door to go in, he couldn’t help himself.  Vince grabbed Dave While Duke and Dwight came to help pull him out.  Audrey said she’d push William into the door herself, but he grabbed her hand, and between the door and William’s touch…Audrey Parker fell away and Mara came back full force.  Nathan pushed William out of her hands and into the door.  Jen shut the door and immediately realized what they had just done was a huge mistake.  She fell to the floor, then told Duke “He was not the one we should have been afraid of.”  Then she stopped breathing.  Duke started bleeding from the eyes.  Nathan asked, “what’s wrong?”


“He’s dying,” Mara said.  “Now which one of you wants to help me get William back?”  I think Mara did that to Duke on purpose, knowing she would need leverage to get William back.  Next season promises to be fun!  I wonder if James will ever come back, and how Mara will react to him.  Sarah never said straight out that Nathan was James’ father.  Just an observation.  It’s also seems that the one true love that she had to kill to be released from that barn that Howard was talking about was William and no one else.  I can’t wait until next season!


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