Black Christmas 2006


Well this was a really sick film, not so much for the gore and death.  Horror movies generally have gore and death.  Here’s the premise: A sorority house was once home to a serial killer.  It went through his family history.  That was the sick part.  He was born with some liver problem and had yellow skin.  His mother hated him and his parents hated each other.  His dad was the only sane one, and when his mother got a new boyfriend, they beat him and put a plastic bag over his head.  They buried him under the house.  Billy saw it all, his mother had been very hateful to him.  She wanted a child, but he wasn’t good enough.  So she tried to have a child with her new husband, but she wasn’t getting pregnant.  So she raped her son.  They had a daughter.  I nearly stopped watching at this point, but I figured the worst was over.  He kidnapped the girl, took out one of her eyes and put a plastic bag over her head, but Agnes lived.  He then killed their mother and step-father.  He cut shapes out of his mothers bag, cooked them and ate them like cookies.  This was not the very beginning of the movie.

black xmas

In the first fifteen minutes of the movie two people in the sorority die.  The sister of the first dead girl comes looking for her soon after.  One by one, they die off.  They all thought it was Billy.  Every once in awhile you’d see the killer.  What they showed was a man in a wig.  So it was hard to figure out what was going on.


In the end, there were two women left.  One belonged to the sorority, the other was the sister of the first girl that was killed.  When they went to the attic, which was where Billy lived when his mother was alive, they found the bodies of all the girls, and Agnes…pictured above.  The blond sorority girl says “You’re brother is not here.”  Agnes says, ” My DADDY IS here.”  Then Billy shows up.  You saw glimpses of both of them, but since they chose a man to play Agnes, it was hard to tell if he sometimes just put on a wig.  Though to be honest, the guy that played Billy was better looking.


So the sister of the first victim falls through the floor of the attic, while the other one is trying to fight off the two killers.  She pushes Agnes through the wall, and falls through herself, pulling Christmas decorations with her.  This starts a fire.  Meanwhile, Billy comes after her.  The sorority chick calls for the sister, who wakes up and eventually pulls her through the wall.  The killers are never dead when you think they are.  As the girl is lying in a hospital bed, the killers are in the morgue below her.  Billy gets out first and kills the Medical Examiner.  Then he lets Agnes out of the bag.  Of course they go straight to the girl’s room.  She was taken for an x-ray, so they kill the sister.  When the girl gets back she hits Agnes with a defibrillator and gets out of the room with Billy right after her.  He stabs her with a scalpel and she throws him over a balcony and he is impaled by the top of a Christmas tree.

zero04dl   So that was Black X-mas.  Would I watch it again…NO.  Once was enough and possibly too much.


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