Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (1987)



I have seen this movie a few times before, but I only ever remember the end.  I realized why yesterday when I watched this, it completely ignores the fact that there is a previous Evil Dead movie!  My mind can’t seem to merge it with the first one, and I love the first Evil Dead.  The movie begins with only Ash and a very much alive, but different Linda going to an abandoned cabin in the woods.  Things progress much quicker this time around, and the tape is sitting at a desk.  Ash plays it and all the sudden Linda is evil dead.  Like the first movie, he goes to bury her and ends up cutting her head off.  He gets thrown by the force in the woods and is possessed, Evil Ash!  He doesn’t stay that way for long.  Apparently the sun chased the thing away.  Ash gets in his car and drives to the broken down bridge.  Then suddenly it’s night again, apparently this thing controls the rotation of the earth around the sun. He goes back to the cabin and Linda shows up with her decapitated head.


The head bites his hand.  The hand becomes possessed, but just the hand.  He cuts it off with the chainsaw after it kicks his ass.  Then it becomes like “Idle Hands” (I’m sure Evil Dead 2 is where they got the idea for that movie), and the hand keeps trying to kill him.

images (8)  EvilDeadII_032

The man in the cabin turned out to be an archaeologist or something, his daughter and I guess her boyfriend come to deliver more pages of the book.  The bridge was destroyed in the same fashion as it was in the first film.  They have to walk to the cabin on some trail through the woods.  They enlist the help of two rednecks, a man in overalls and his girlfriend.  When they get to the cabin, Ash is completely covered in blood and he ends up shooting the girl redneck in the arm.  They think Ash killed the woman’s parents,  which seems a reasonable deduction considering he seems like a psycho waving a gun and covered in blood.  So they throw him in the cellar and lock him up, just like Cheryl in the first movie.  Only he isn’t possessed, however the woman’s mother was and she was in the cellar too.



The woman plays her father’s tape recording and realizes why Ash was covered in blood.  They pull Ash out of the cellar, he was freaking out.  The woman’s boyfriend gets bit, and all the sudden…



He had to be killed.  Then some spirit claiming to be the woman’s dad comes and tells them the answer is in the book.  Meanwhile the redneck woman tells her boyfriend he’s holding her hand too tight.  He said, “I’m not holding your hand.”  It was, of course, Ash’s severed hand.  The lights went out and she disappeared…out the door.  She ran through the woods screaming and was carried off by the vines.  Brainless redneck number two grabs a gun and insists they go look for her, saying he would shoot them if they refused.  He then threw the pages they needed to defeat the thing down in the cellar with possessed mama.  While in the woods, it comes after them and poor Ash gets hit in the head with the butt of the gun a few times.  Apparently he’s had enough, because when they run back to the cabin he becomes Evil Ash again (I love Evil Ash)…



Meanwhile the woman, I can’t remember anyone else’s names, runs into the cabin to get away from Evil Ash.  The redneck opens the door and she stabs him with some artifact thinking he’s Evil Ash.  Then she tries to close the door on him.  She pulls him out of the way and into the main room, and too close to the cellar, the evil dead woman takes him and eats him or whatever.  Then Evil Ash gets in the cabin…



For some reason the necklace he gave to Linda, the same necklace from the first movie, makes Evil Ash turn back into normal Ash…bummer.  After the woman tries to kill him a few times, he finally convinces her that he’s okay.  They then realize someone has to go downstairs and get the pages to the book.  So they go to the shed and Ash transforms the chainsaw into his new hand and saws off part of the shotgun so it’s easier to use.



He goes down to the cellar and magically finds the pages.  Seriously if the demon (or whatever it is) didn’t want the pages found, it would have destroyed them when they were first thrown down.  However, this is a movie and there is a third movie, so Ash had to find the pages so he could move on to Army of Darkness.   Right as he’s going up the stairs…

images (10)

after having thrown the pages to the woman, the evil dead lady grabs him.  Meanwhile the woman says the first part of the spell, which gives the “evil” form.  Then Ash runs up with the evil dead lady on his ass.



She got all pretty for him.  Ash battles this thing, and after he kills it with his chainsaw, the woods start attacking the house.  As they go through the pages, they see a drawing of Ash with his chainsaw.  It says the man from the sky defeats the evil, which is important for the next movie.  The woman finishes the incantation after she is stabbed in the back by Ash’s severed hand.   Then she dies.  A wormhole is opened and swallows the thing that the “evil” became…which was some sort of giant tree with a face.



The vortex then swallows Ash and he lands in the distant past, chainsaw and all.  His car was transported too.

To be honest this movie is funny, as the other Evil Dead movies are.  Ash is hilarious in this movie in particular and as I said, I love Evil Ash in this movie.  The only problem I have with this movie is that it acts as though the first movie never happened, which for me is a huge problem.  I can’t reconcile this movie with the first one.  It’s why I only ever remember the ending, which sets up the third movie.  I don’t understand why they chose to do it that way.  They could have started where the last movie left off, and it would have been fine.  I know they are making a remake sequel and I really hope they don’t do the same thing.



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