Red Rain in Sri Lanka 2012

I just saw this episode of The Unexplained Files on Destination America which is very interesting.  In 2012 in Sri Lanka there was a downpour of red blood colored rain.  It rained for months and nobody knew what was wrong with the water or if it was safe.  Scientists tested the rain and saw that there were red cells in the rain.  They found that the cells contained no DNA, yet they replicated.  This was some sort of living organism, but didn’t behave like any life we know.

A well known Astrobiologist looked into the matter, knowing that something had been seen falling from the sky not long before the red rain.   He found a man that had collected bits of meteorite that had fallen from the sky.  He used an electron microscope and found similar cells contained inside the meteorite as those that were found in the red rain.  He believes that the rain contained some sort of extraterrestrial life.  He also found that it contained Uranium and could be very hazardous to all life on this planet.  Interesting stuff!



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