Human History

I have stated before that I have a Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology and Microbiology.  I love science.  I am amazed with how scientists have a habit of throwing out any data that doesn’t fit in with what we think we know.  I think this happens a lot in archaeology.  If something is found and doesn’t fit into any known category or idea that we have, it gets covered up.  In China archaeologists tried to hide the fact that ancient European mummies were found there.  In Egypt they don’t like to admit that the ancient pharaohs were blond and redheads with blue eyes.  It happens all the time for various reasons.  This is a pretty interesting video about all the stuff that has been found that archaeologists don’t like and won’t talk about.  The part of science I love most is the stuff that is supposedly impossible or shouldn’t exist.  This is the stuff that defies everything we think we know.  He doesn’t claim (at least not in this video) that it’s aliens or really come up with any explanation other than it looks like there was a global community in which everyone spoke and wrote the same language…which is pretty damn mind blowing.  One of the things found is giant skeletons (about 8.5 ft or 2.6 meters).  There are stories of a race of giants in just about every culture, surely they come from somewhere.

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