The Simon Necronomicon

The Complete Simon Necronomicon

Any fan of Lovecraft has heard of the Necronomicon.  Although his family claims HP Lovecraft made up the Necronomicon, he was known to read rare occult books.  You can tell from his writings that he knew a lot about the occult.  The Simon Necronomicon was supposedly written by an Arab a long time ago, much like Lovecraft’s Necronomicon.  Supposedly this book was delivered by some church person to the editor, and it was written in Greek.

The book is written by this Arab who was a follower of the Elder Gods, so it’s written from their perspective.  Basically the Elder Gods betrayed the real gods…the Ancient Ones.  This book is basically about dealing with the Elder Gods.  But it’s an interesting read.   You can click on one of the links to download the book if you like.  If anyone knows where I can find the Ancient Ones version of this, please let me know.


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