American Horror Story Coven: The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks


Well that was interesting.  I’m sure everyone who would read this has seen the show.  This episode featured the well known witch, and musical goddess Stevie Nicks.  Fiona, certain that Misty will be the next “Supreme” brings in Stevie Nicks to get on her good side, I guess.  Cordelia found out from Marie that her husband was a witch hunter.  Boy was her mother pissed.  Seriously bitch slapped her to the floor.  If there’s one thing that’s certain, Fiona had no business having children.  The best thing I can say about her mothering skills, well Cordelia is still alive.  That’s about it.  As for Misty, well that one little girl that was some kind of actress brought a man back from the dead and threw Misty inside the coffin.  Apparently she was buried alive, but she should have the power to get out of that.

Cordelia found Hank’s father and their business, so Marie and Fiona did a ritual to destroy the business.  Cordelia was not allowed to help at all.  Her mother seems to hate her with a passion.  Then Hank’s father said it was time to come after them, because he knew they were causing it.


Papa Legba, he’s a popular guy in the Voodoo tradition.  In this series, he’s fun.  I love this character!  I love his reaction to Fiona.  She begged him to take her soul, and being the smart business woman she is, she wanted all the details drawn out.  The problem with Fiona is that she cares only for herself, so whatever he wanted her to do, she really had nothing that would disturb her.  She would sacrifice Cordelia if it meant she could live forever.


She said, seal the deal.  He gets up from his chair and kisses her, then he says the deal is off “you have no soul.”  Meanwhile we learned that Marie has basically been tortured by him year after year.  It’s a sacrifice to live forever.  His one rule is when he comes once a year, you have to give him whatever he wants without question.  He asked Marie for an innocent soul.  She stole an infant from a hospital.

Meanwhile Nan found out about Luke and how he died when they went to pay respects to his mother.   So Nan made her drink bleach and killed her.  Later, back at the coven house, she hears the baby cry that Marie kidnapped.  Nan told Fiona that Marie was planning on killing the baby.  As if Fiona cares, seriously, it’s like she’s new.  She knows how Fiona is, she doesn’t care about her own child let alone somebody else’s.  Fiona makes her give the baby back and Marie tells her why she took the baby, and that Nan is dangerous.  She said “yes she is, maybe we can kill two birds with one stone.”  Next thing you know, Nan is in a bathtub being drowned to death by Marie and Fiona.  Papa Legba was not happy at first.  He said he wanted an innocent.  “She is kinda,” Fiona said.  “She killed the neighbor, but she was a bitch she deserved it.”    Marie said “Be a sport.”  So he decided to take her, and Nan said “Anything is better than here.”

Two dead, one dead came back from the dead, and Stevie Nicks.  That’s pretty good for a tv show!  We’ll see what happens next week.


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