Being Human Season finale 3

download (1)   So the season 4 premiere is tonight at 9pm on SyFy, I’m so excited!  I figured I would post about the season finale in case you forgot, even though it wasn’t that long ago.  Unlike some shows that make us wait forever, Being Human is coming right back.  The series premiere of Bitten will be on right after Being Human tonight.  I will post about those tomorrow. Where did last season leave us?  Josh and Nora were confronted by Liam on their Honeymoon.  He said he had important information to tell them, but he had to show them.  He took them to some abandoned warehouse and showed them a pile of vampires.  He said vampires blood was cursed when they lived with werewolves.  This was what happened to Kenny.  So someone was breeding vampires like Kenny for some reason.  Then when Nora and Josh refused to join him (and Nora confessed to killing Brynn), he locked them in with the vampires that were waking up and very hungry.  They staked a few and Josh found a gas can and they set them all on fire.



Meanwhile Liam went to kill Aidan.  Sally, being a ghost again couldn’t help, at least at first.  Liam wanted to kill Kenny first, as Aidan killed Conner.    Josh and Nora showed up as they were fighting in the basement.  Sally helped distract Liam and Aidan ended up killing him.  They were free of Liam finally, but then when Josh and Nora change, Nora changed back to human but Josh didn’t.  Josh remained a wolf.

images (2)

Donna the witch ghost (I guess) put a hole in the floor and dragged Sally down the hole.


Aidan took Kenny to the woods, he was supposed to kill him, but he couldn’t.  He let him go.  I can’t wait to see what happens tonight.  I saw on the commercial that Aidan and Nora are living together in a shack in the woods or something.  It looks like his dead wife Suzanna comes back.  It also looked like he cut Josh out of his wolf.  I wonder what that will mean.


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