Bitten Pilot


Bitten is a new series on SyFy based on the novel of the same name written by Kelly Armstrong.  It’s been years since I read the book (I may have to reread it now), but as soon as I heard “Elena” I knew it was based on the book.  Jumping up and down in circles and clapping my hands in excitement!  So far it seems the series is staying true to the book, thank goodness!



For those of you that have not read the book, I’ll stick to what happened last night and not give too much away.  Elena lives with her boyfriend of six months, Philip in an apartment in Vancouver.  She was an orphan and moved from foster home to foster home.  She now seems to have the perfect life with friends and a great boyfriend.  Just one catch, Elena is a werewolf.  When a “mutt” comes into the territory of her pack and kills a human, she is called home to help find and destroy this menace before he exposes their existence.  Sounds all fine and dandy, except that there is a bit of bad blood between her and Clay.  Since they didn’t say it in the show, I’m not going to tell you about it.


Clay is the yummy werewolf teacher that all other women chase after, but Clay only wants Elena.  They hinted at this in the show, so I can tell you that much.  Logan, a psychologist is also a member of Elena’s pack living in Vancouver.  While on a run, he convinces her that it is her duty as a member of the pack to help out with this.  It’s also in her best interest to keep the world from finding out about their existence.  Elena is their best tracker, and they need her to do this.  Philip, of course, knows nothing of the pack and nothing about Elena being a werewolf.  In fact, he knows very little about Elena.  Someone was also filming her and Logan while they were on their run.  Meanwhile, the body count is rising with the mutt.


In the end, she goes home.  Naturally the first person to greet her is Clay.  I’m so excited that this is a series now, I LOVE this book.  I can’t say anymore or I’ll start giving stuff away.


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