Being Human Season 4 Premiere: Old Dogs, New Tricks


Being Human is back and better than ever.   Sally was still with Donna in a day spa that she created.  According to Donna, she took her there because Sally keeps tearing holes in the universe.  If she doesn’t stop the universe will implode.  Sally finds a way to get out of the place though, through  the spot where Donna was killed.  We find out she was hanged for being a witch back in the pilgrim days.


And the spot is now a super mart something like Walmart.  Sally flashed back to see what Donna saw.


Meanwhile, Aidan was running Josh because Josh is now a wolf every day of the month except when there is a full moon.  He and Nora barely see each other.  Since he has to eat, Aidan runs him through the woods and back to the barn where the cage is and a goat is waiting for him…


Poor Josh and Nora had only 30 minutes together before Nora turned into a wolf.


Aidan came to visit, because he only gets to see his bestie one night every month.  However, Aidan got a message from Kat because she wanted him to go to some faculty party.  He wasn’t going to go, but Josh made him.  He said he was too high maintenance of a vampire and he just couldn’t deal, hehehe.  What a good friend.  Meanwhile, at the party, Aidan sees Susanna.   Yes, dead wife Susanna.  Apparently Bishop must have turned her, why he didn’t tell Aidan is beyond me.  Plus, why did she wait so long to find him?  I guess we’ll find out.


Then Kenny turned up, looking completely undeformed and healed.  Oh, also he’s leading Boston.  Aidan doesn’t know yet.  This should be interesting.


While Aidan is sleeping, Sally shows up and asks for Josh.  They go to see him.  He didn’t lock himself up, hoping Aidan would kill him.  Of course that didn’t happen.  Sally surrounded him with fire and Nora shot him with a tranq gun.  Then Sally disappeared.  She ended up around some women who were sacrificing a child for…something.


It ended with Aidan opening the door and finding Susanna standing there saying it’s her.  I can’t wait for next week!


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