American Horror Story Coven: Protect the Coven


It starts with Delphine flashing back to the 1800’s when she started torturing slaves to death.  So Queenie is alive and put Delphine back together…and on a leash.  They show up to Nan’s very short funeral.  Delphine became the maid.  Oh and Marie kept the baby she stole.  Madison has decided to take Kyle apart because he loves Zoe, which is interesting for a zombie.  Zoe did a spell and found out that Fiona and Marie killed Nan.  Cordelia stabbed her new eyes out to regain the second sight.  Fionna actually seemed like she cared for a second but didn’t go to see her because she was afraid her daughter would see her secrets.  Delphine turns out to be a serial killer.


Mertyle gave Zoe tickets to Epcot and gave her a piece of jewelry to hock so she could leave the coven and take Kyle out of there before Madison kills them both.   So they take a bus to Orlando.


The company met with Marie and Fiona.  Fiona’s boyfriend killed most of them, but she killed Hank’s father.  I was starting to get disappointed, there was only two deaths up until this point.  That brings the death toll up to at lest 8.


Some dead butler is helping helping Delphine to kill Marie…with Benadryl in exchange for a baby doll.  The dead butler took the baby that Marie kidnapped and dressed her, and himself up in old clothes.  A psychotic ghost is just what they need.

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