Bitten “Prodigal”


Elena has arrived at Stonehaven and is greeted by Clayton.  In the book, she arrived at night and Clayton waits for her in front of the gate all day.  She goes looking for Jeremy and hears gunshots.  Oh this is all wrong.  Where is that person that slaps the producer over the head with the book?  Ugh, this is so annoying.  Jeremy did not hug her, he was very distant.  Oh wow, her bedroom is all wrong.  There was a reason her bedroom looked the way it did, Jeremy didn’t know anything about women and made it super outrageously girly.  Wow, they’ve completely derailed.  This might be an entire season of me complaining that this show is wrong.  At least they told the real reason she left was killing Jose Carter and not because of Clayton.  Though she couldn’t find her files in the book, and nobody had taken her place on Mutt Detail.  Logan?  He was supposed to be detained because of a court thing.  If you didn’t read the book this would be a good show.  Having read the book, I want to bitch slap the producer right now, or whoever makes the decisions.

Bitten - Season 1

Okay, so Logan covered for Elena with Philip.  Elena starts working on researching the mutts.  Logan shows up safe and sound and they begin planning.  She’s also not shy about taking her clothes off in the book, and the wolves are supposed to be ginourmous, not the size of a normal wolf.  Okay, I’ll try to ignore how wrong it is.  Clayton, Nick, and Elena turn into wolves to track the mutt.  Clayton finds his room and they go in and investigate it.  They find part of a girl’s scalp and Elena can smell that he’s a newly turned werewolf.  They steal clothes (werewolves are not squeamish about nudity) just to investigate the room and then turn back into wolves.  Elena is seen by two teenage boys.


Elena talks to Jeremy and has a flashback to ripping out Jose Carter’s heart with her bare hands.  She packs her bags and tries to leave.  Some hunters find a little boy body on their property, and that’s the end.  I will attempt to stop comparing the show to the book, it will be hard.  I will let it go, even though it’s all wrong.



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