Being Human “That time of the month”


Suzanna couldn’t go in Aidan’s house even after he invited her in.  Sally came back and thinks she can help Josh with her power.  Nora is very skeptical and frightened to try.  We find out Suzanna was turned by Bishop and was meant to be a gift for Aidan.  Not a big surprise there.  Unfortunately she refused to let Bishop help her as a vampire, and refused to feed.  I kinda liked Bishop, he was a vampire and didn’t pretend to be anything else.  


Sally got transported to another dimension again and found Donna’s magick book burried in the dirt.  The pages were blank until she laid her hands on it.


Aidan told Suzanna that he abandoned Isaac and wasn’t brave enough to check up on Isaac to see if he was okay.  She told him that he died a grandfather.  Meanwhile Sally pops in with the book.  After talking about Suzanna, thinking she couldn’t see her, she tells Aidan they have to go help Josh.  Aidan is more than skeptical about the book and HATES the idea of using it.  He’s afraid something will go wrong and they’ll lose Josh for good.  Nora is just desperate to try anything at this point.   The spell is based on the moon, which makes sense for a werewolf.  They need the blood of a woman on her period.  Aidan looks at Nora and says “Um…I can smell it.”  Nora freaks out because Aidan could always tell when it was her time of the month.  I’m not sure why she was surprised, he’s a vampire of course he can smell the blood.  Aidan was fully grossed out, it was cute.  They needed to do the spell during a waning moon, which just happened to be that night.  There was a kiddie pool filled with water, Nora poured her special blood into the kiddie pool while Sally recited probably a spell in Latin and a magickal knife appeared.   Sally went to Josh and said the dagger had to go through his heart.  Nora decides she should be the one to do it, but Josh-wolf starts to freak and Aidan ends up doing it.  “Please tell me I didn’t just kill my best friend.”  Then Sally disappears…again.  The spell wasn’t finished and she ends up going back in time…to their house, when the guys first moved in.  They can’t see her, including the past Sally.


Aidan starts apologizing to Josh-wolf, when Josh’s hand pops through the wolf’s mouth.  Aidan yells for Nora and cuts Josh out of the wolf carcas.  Josh is fully dazed and confused, and something is clearly wrong with him.  Nora is just happy he’s out and tries to get him all kinds of things, but he won’t eat or anything.  Then Sally shows up and tells Nora she wasn’t done with the spell and they shouldn’t have touched him (meanwhile she was gone for a long time).  Sally starts to think Aidan was right and she should have waited.


Aidan goes to visit Suzanna at the hotel she’s staying at.  She answers the door hiding a cross stake behind her back.  She tells him their relationship is in the past, though Aidan doesn’t really want to hear that.  She tells him he has a life and she’s happy for him.  When he left, Suzanna flashes back to Bishop telling her she was a gift for Aidan if she listened to him.  She lies and tells him Bishop was mean to her.  What she flashes back to is being overcome by hunger and attacking a child in the woods, which turns out to be their son Isaac.  She killed him, so Bishop tells her to go away.  He said that it would destroy Aidan to know what happened to his son and he would never accept the killer of his only son.  That’s why Bishop never brought her to him.  After the flashback, she whips herself on her bare back, punishing herself for her son’s death.  Had she listened to Bishop and let him help her, she wouldn’t have murdered her son.  Aidan goes home to find Kat in his bed.  He looks upset that she’s there, and seemed to not want to deal with her.  Then he ends up telling her that he loves her.  Clearly he still has feelings for Suzanna, he has thought of her a lot throughout the show.  Somehow I don’t think this is the end of the story with Suzanna.


Josh says he just wants to sleep, so everyone leaves his room and he starts to freak a little.  He gets up to open a window and looks in the mirror to see the wolf’s eyes.  It seems Josh and the wolf have merged or something.  I guess we’ll see next Monday.




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