American Horror Story Coven “Go to Hell”

Fiona is trying to find the next Supreme, so she is forcing all the girls to preform the “Seven Wonders or die trying.”  Queenie is on to her, she figures once Fiona finds the next Supreme, she’ll kill her.  I believe that was what she and Marie were talking about before they killed Nan.  One of the girls is making her sick.  Cordelia stabbed her eyes and didn’t get her second sight back.


Queenie found Marie’s blood and heard her voice, so she tried to ask Papa Legba.  She went to her hell, which was the chicken place she used to work at.  Delphine apparently chopped Marie to bits and scattered her bits all over town.  Queenie continued her talk with Papa Legba about Marie in her room.  Then Delphine was giving tours of her old house from the 1800’s.  That’s where Queenie found her.

Queenie tried one more time to help Delphine, but she didn’t want any part of it.  So Queenie did something.

Fiona actually had a moment of being a half decent mother to Cordelia.  She explained that Cordelia could never lose her power, it’s all inside her.  She even said she couldn’t take credit for it, that it was all Cordelia.  She then gave her a necklace.  As soon as her mother put it on her, Cordelia saw the bodies of all the girls apparently murdered throughout the house, including herself.  Her mother was standing over her body and ripped the necklace off her dead body.  Fiona had killed them all, including Cordelia, in her vision.  Cordelia got her powers back.

Cordelia goes to warn her mother’s boyfriend of her visions, that her mother is just using him and isn’t going away with him.  She told him Fiona is incapable of loving anyone but herself.  Can’t really argue against that, it’s true.  Cordelia was looking for  Misty.  When she found her, she got Queenie to help her get Misty out of the tomb.  She wasn’t breathing, and then she suddenly jumped up and gasped for air.

Myrtle was talking to Madison about who would entomb Misty when Zoe showed up with her zombie boy.  Kyle had killed someone in Florida, so they came back.  Zoe brought the man back to life.  So she said, “Clearly I am the next Supreme.”  She said that’s why they came back.  Then Cordelia, Queenie, and Misty walk in.  Misty kicked Madison’s ass.  Queenie was loving that show.  Then the axe man thought he was going to kill them all.  Naturally that didn’t work.  Cordelia touched the blood on the floor and found that it was her mother’s blood.


Fiona went to talk to the axe man, really she went to have sex with him.  He found a confirmation for a flight she was taking, which proved Cordelia was right.  She admitted she couldn’t love anything.  He flipped out.  She was in the middle of a monologue with her back turned and he attacked her and apparently fed her to some alligators in the swamp.  Everyone had a hand in killing him.


Papa Legba took Delphine and Marie, he said it was hell.  Had Marie torture Delphine’s children in front of her.  It looked like Delphine’s attic, where she murdered her slaves.  Apparently Queenie made a deal with Papa Legba and gave him Delphine.

Cordelia announced that they have to find a new Supreme, so they will all have to do the Seven Wonders as her mother had planned.  They were standing in front of a portrait of Fiona which she had just had painted.

Sorry about the lack of pictures, I couldn’t find many for this weeks episode.  Well it should be interesting to see who the next Supreme is, hell it could be Cordelia.  Clearly she doesn’t know everything about her power.  We’ll find out next week.


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