Paranormal Witness “Wolf Pack”


I watched a rerun of Paranormal witness a few hours ago, and it was pretty interesting.   A man was injured at work, so the family moved to Palmyra, Maine.  It was a farm house with forest all around the house.  The man and his wife were sitting on the porch and saw some strange lights in a tree.  The lights were pulsating, so they called their son out to look at it and see if he knew what they were from.  He said he had never seen anything like it and said it seemed to change and grow brighter as they paid more attention to it.  Since they didn’t know what it was, the man and his son went to investigate it.  The man was a life long hunter, so he was used to wild animals.  When they got close to the tree, they could no longer see the lights.  I should mention that his wife made him keep his guns in the barn, they weren’t allowed in the house.  I’d bet she makes him keep the guns in the house now.  He and his son split up thinking it might be a hunter.  They were unnerved by how very quiet it was.  He said you could hear a pin drop, not one animal was making a sound and it was weird.  They looked around and found nothing.


Another day their daughter’s boyfriend came to visit (the son didn’t live with them).  The daughter and her boyfriend went for a walk with their beagles.  They unleashed the hounds and they took off as if they smelled something.  The two ran after the dogs and were led to a big perfectly circular hole in the side of a hill.  The boyfriend wanted to investigate it, but the daughter had a weird feeling and wanted to go back to the house.


Another night the man and his wife were sitting on the porch again.  The both commented, again, how silent it was that night.  There were no animal sounds, and they were in farm country and near the forest.  The husband all the sudden started to freak.  He started trying to pull his wife in the house.  She was like, “what is wrong with you?”  He was terrified and only knew something was out in the darkness watching them.  They heard rustling in the field and she turned a flashlight toward the sound.  It was a giant wolf-like creature with glowing eyes.  They scanned around the house and there were five of them.  They hurried in the house as the creatures started growling.  They locked the doors and the wife ran up to check on her daughter who was sleeping.  She closed all the windows.  She realized she didn’t hear their two beagles barking.  Since beagles are hunting dogs, that was weird.   She was afraid one of them got in.  She kept calling the dogs, who usually ran to them when they were called.  After searching a few rooms, she finally found them hiding.  Odd behavior from a beagle.


Meanwhile her husband was trying to figure out how to get his wife and daughter out of there.  He had a leg injury, so he couldn’t run.  He looked out the window and saw that the wolf-creatures had backed away from the house.   He decided (without telling anyone) to try to get the truck up to the house so his wife and daughter could jump in and they could drive away.  He hobbled over to the truck, which was about 30 ft. away.   He set off the motion detector on the spotlights above the car and dropped his keys…and attracted the attention of the pack.  He bent down to pick up his keys when he heard a growl, one of them had come to get him.  It came to attack him and then “it bolted.”   He went back to the house as fast as he could.  His wife had come downstairs looking for him.  Naturally he got yelled at for going outside.


His wife went back upstairs to stay with her sleeping daughter, afraid that one might jump through the window (I’d do the same thing).  Her husband gets another bright idea.  He’s going to try to get to the barn (which is further away than the truck).  He realized that it was the light that kept them away.  For some reason they couldn’t stand it.  He was in more pain from his last run in with the wolves, that by the way run on two legs.  He decided he would just set the motion detector off again and then run to the barn.  Yeah sure, with a bad leg.  He frantically tried to set the motion detector off and finally did.  However, he was surrounded and couldn’t get to the barn.  On top of that, he wouldn’t get much time to run back to the house, the motion lights would turn off quickly.   They were growling furiously, this stunt seemed to really piss them off.  His wife could hear the growling and came down to look for him.  He made it into the house, but they were pissed at his attempt to escape.  The two of them ran upstairs and woke their daughter.  They all went into one room and turned the light out, hoping they would think they weren’t in that room I guess.  They got an ax and some knives and stayed in that room the whole night.  They saw shadows of the wolves passing in front of the windows and heard them growling on the other side of the wall.  They seemed to jump on the roof as well.  When the morning came, the creatures were gone.  They left long tufts of hair and giant foot prints…bipedal footprints.


It’s a bizarre story, but it’s not an isolated story.  Others have described the same thing.  This man was a hunter, so there is no way it was misidentification.  The only logical theory I’ve heard to explain this is Dire wolves.  They are supposedly extinct and were basically giant wolves that existed at the same time as Wooly Mammoths.  Some believe they could have developed the ability to walk on two legs in order to have greater access to food.  This sounds logical, however it still leaves two issues.  What were the lights all about?  Why did all the animals, including the beagles, hide from these things?  As far as I know, when a bear or lion is around other animals don’t go in hiding.  Especially the smaller animals that a large predator wouldn’t bother with.



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