Stolen by Kelley Armstrong


Since Bitten is now on SyFy, I’ve decided to finish reading the series.  I got Bitten from a book club, and they only had one other book from the series No Humans Involved.  I bought them both, but realized that there were a whole lot of books in between the two.  I didn’t feel like I could read No Humans Involved, it was just the wrong order.  So I decided I would find them later and I put the book on my bookshelf.  Now that the series is on SyFy, I’m trying to read the books I’m missing.  So far I’ve found Stolen and Dime Store Magic available online.  I prefer an actual book with pages I can touch and smell, but I want to read them now I’m just not that patient.  

So Stolen is again from the point of view of Elena Michaels.  I like her much better in this book, she’s stopped blaming Clay for everything that is wrong in her life…well mostly.  It starts out with Elena on a plane going to meet someone about werewolf evidence in Pittsburgh.  She waits in a place called Tea for Two.  After waiting a half hour outside of this tea place, Paige Winterbourne shows up.  She wrote down the wrong time, and she can’t talk to Elena until Paige’s Aunt Ruth is with them.  So she invites Elena to come to their hotel room.  It sounded fishy, but since Elena is a big bad werewolf, she decided to go.    

Paige starts showing her pictures of different people that Elena didn’t know.  Then she comes out with something along the lines of “We know you’re here to protect your pack.”  She gives Elena her bio, about Clay biting her, about growing up in foster homes and losing her parents.  Elena grabs her by the throat, just then Paige’s aunt walks in.  Very calmly Ruth asks Elena to let her explain.  Paige and Ruth are witches and there are…other things too.  Elena deals with this piece of information like everything else, we’ll just pretend nothing else exists.  She doesn’t want to deal with it.  There is a meeting of the otherworldly kind, and they want her to tell Jeremy because their kind are being kidnapped by some wealthy computer guy and some scientists.  They wanted to warn the werewolves and invite them to join.

Elena goes back to her hotel and decides not to call Jeremy right away.  Instead she went for a run at 3am.  She realized she was being followed.  She threw them off her trail and started following them.  While she thought they were working for the witches, it turned out they were trying to capture them all.  Elena killed one and gathered the witches in one of the rooms with the dead body.  The witches turned out to be very preachy, do no harm types.  However, a half-demon named Xavier showed up, he was fun.  Unfortunately he worked for the computer guy.  Elena got the witches out of there and they hid with the help of an invisibility spell.  

Jeremy decides to meet her in another city and drive to the meeting, Clay was out of town on another pack issue and Antonio and Nick were in California or something.  Clay, naturally, hauls ass to get to them.  Elena and Jeremy went to the first meeting, and met the vampire, Cassandra, the half-demon Adam, the shaman, Kenneth, and Paige and Ruth.  Ruth wanted a nice and fluffy resolution to the problem.  The next day, with Clay they showed up to the meeting with a garbage bag.  What was in the garbage bag?  A head, they had killed some of the men abducting people that had tried to snatch one of them.  They decided to go home. 

They had two cars, so naturally Elena was kidnapped when she was racing Clay home.  Most of the story is about Elena’s captivity.  The scientists want to further human kind by taking the best features of the otherworldly kind and enhancing humanity with those traits.  The super strength of the werewolf, the longevity of a vampire, etc.  They were locked in cells in an underground facility.  Xavier, the half-demon was also a captive, though he also worked for them.  There was a Voudoun priest, another half-demon named Leah, a little girl witch named Savannah who’s mother had been killed, a mutt named Patrick Lake, and a man who could alter his appearance named Armen Haig.  

Well all kinds of craziness ensued.  There was a woman named Sondra Bauer who was some heiress who thought her problems were worse than anyone alive.  She was bored.  So bored that she stole Elena’s saliva and injected herself with it.  The computer guy hunted and killed them, and tried to get Elena to kill some of the others.  He tried to convince her Clay was dead, meanwhile Paige was trying to help Elena telepathically with Jeremy.  Clay of course was not happy about it.  Cassandra the vampire tried to get Clay to sleep with her.  She had no idea what she was dealing with.  He gave her ten seconds to get away from him before he ripped her head off.  She left.  Elena got into Clay’s head at the time and saw the whole thing.  Ruth was also captured.  She ended up helping Savannah the 12 yr old witch.

Clay had defied Jeremy and went to try and rescue Elena on his own, he killed a few guards and they got a picture of him.  This is how they convinced Elena he was dead.  It was good for her, she takes him for granted.  She was forced to admit to herself how much he means to her.  She realized she had to come escape ASAP before they killed Clay (she found out later that he was not dead).  Sondra Bauer was placed in a cell next to her, after Elena worked to save her life.  After a lot of convincing, Bauer agreed to escaping together.  It never happened though, all the sudden the doors opened on their own.  Elena, Bauer, and Savannah’s door.  There was all kinds of chaos, light bulbs dropped from the light fixtures, guards shooting each other, electrical system shutting down, and elevator going haywire.  Elena escaped alone.  She found Clay after running for awhile and they eventually drove off.  All this time they never called in Antonio and Nick, why?  Oh and Xavier had already escaped, I think he was my favorite character in this one.  

Anyway, then they met up with Jeremy and the rest of the otherworldly crew to plan a hostile take over.  Everyone had to die, except the otherworldly people.  So they split into teams: Elena, Clay, Adam, and Paige were the first team to go in and kill all the guards, then Jeremy, Kenneth, and Cassandra would come in afterwards for the clean up.  Not that they cleaned up the bodies, just any evidence linking to their existence.  They made it look like a drug cartel or something.  However, Leah the half-demon had tried to make it look like Savannah was evil and was harming everyone, meanwhile it was her.  She was working with the sorcerer Katzen.  Elena never met him, but heard him.  It turned out to be the harmless Voudoun priest.  For some reason Katzen and Leah wanted Savannah.  Paige had a showdown with Katzen and they all killed him.  Leah disappeared, and Savannah was to be raised by Paige.  There was also a new addition, a vampire.  He seemed to have a grudge against Cassandra, so Elena left him out to sic her.  Then Clay and Elena went after Ty Winslow.  He had tortured Elena while she was captive.  It was long and drawn out but they killed him.

That was the gist of the book.  It was pretty good, though it got mixed reviews.  I liked it.  I’ll put a review of Bitten up too, and the rest when I’m done with the series.  Happy reading!


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