American Horror Story Coven “The Seven Wonders”

The Seven Wonders


Interesting beginning, Stevie Nicks walking around in a top hat singing.  The four girls come down the stairs, Stevie Nicks wishes them luck and signs herself out the door.


All the girls could do most of the tasks. When they left their bodies, Queenie went straight back to the chicken place.  Queenie was the first back in her body, too.  Madison was in a musical (shallow), Zoe kept breaking up with Kyle (eye roll, she’s obsessed with a zombie), and Misty kept reviving a dead frog in science class…she turned to dust.  Cordelia tried to bring her back before she turned to dust, but Misty didn’t make it.  I guess if you can’t dissect a dead frog in science class, you really shouldn’t be Supreme.  None of these girls are Supreme material, of the three left Queenie is the best bet.


Then Zoe got impaled by a fence.  Queenie couldn’t bring Zoe back, so she loses.   Madison refused to bring her back, and brought a fly back instead.  “crown me or kiss off,” she said.  Myrtle starts to realize the Supreme is Cordelia.  She convinces Cordelia to perform the Seven Wonders.  Now that Cordelia is out from behind her mother’s shadow, she comes into her own power.  Her mother held her back.


After Cordelia gets done with 5 of the 7 wonders, Madison wants back in the competition.  Madison fails to do the divination, of course making a huge drama tantrum.  Kyle attacks Madison, while Cordelia brings Zoe back to life.  Hehehe, Kyle asks why they were brought back and Zoe wasn’t, and Madison says she did it because she loved him.  Kyle said, “You’re not that good of an actress.”  Kyle kills Madison as Zoe rises and Cordelia collapses.

The butler shows up and wants to bury Madison’s body.  Cordelia gets up in a perfect state of health.  She can see and has no scars.  Then she goes on TV to repopulate the coven, calling to all the young witches.  Myrtle decides she needs to die because she’s killed other witches and she needs to be burned at the stake.  Otherwise she feels Cordelia will be a hypocrite.  Cordelia tried to changer her mind, saying Myrtle was her true mother.  However, Myrtle said her life’s purpose was done, Cordelia was Supreme.  So they marched to…hmm it looked like a desert, but they are in New Orleans…anyway it had a stake and was surrounded by sand.  Myrtle had a long red dress on, and was doused with gasoline.  After a few words, including Myrtle saying how proud she was of Cordelia, Cordelia tearfully lit her on fire.


Fiona planted that vision so Cordelia would kill Axeman and find the Supreme.  She didn’t count on Cordelia becoming the next Supreme, she planned on killing the Supreme.  Instead she died in her daughter’s arms.  Her hell was Axeman’s cabin and being with him.  Now that she’s dead she wants her daughter.  And…Papa Legba shows up.


With a line around the block, they bring in a ton of new girls into the coven.  Cordelia has Queenie and Zoe as her council, and it begins anew.


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