Being Human: Lil’ Smokie

Lil’ Smokie:

Being Human - Season 4

The episode begins with Sally reliving her death with a twist, Sally yells “Not again!” and Donna comes from around the corner and crushes Danny’s head.  Donna says, “Whoo that felt good didn’t it?  I’m a little flushed.  We make a good team don’t we?”  Then you see Sally sitting, eyes closed,  at the table with a human Josh with Aidan in the background.  She was reading the book, which changes.  Aidan hates the book and tells Sally to get rid of it.  Sally says she needs it to figure out what she is now.


Aidan was kidnapped by Kenny’s thugs. He gave him the tour of the new vampire kingdom.  Josh started freaking out at the hospital, but then rescued a patient seizing.  Sally found a spell to bring her door back, but then it disappeared.  She tried doing the spell while it was disappearing.  All that showed up was Donna.  It was a trick by Donna, the more she practices magic, the stronger Donna gets.  Sally burned the book and Donna an dit seemed to burn into her.  The book seems to be inside her now.


Meanwhile, Kenny shows Aidan the live blood club he started.  Kenny asks Aidan to help run the vampire community.  Aidan, of course, wants no part of it.  Kenny seemed surprised, clearly he doesn’t get Aidan at all.


Josh freaks out, leaves work, starts jogging, sees another guy run past him and starts to chase him while his eyes become the wolf.  He’s having sensory overload and totally loses his mind.  He left the hospital, goes home, and says he has to go.  He doesn’t tell Nora anything.  Nora and Sally discuss how they don’t know what to do about Josh.


Kenny shows his true face to some girl before he feeds off her, turns out he didn’t completely heal.


While Josh is running, two guys start chasing him.  Vampires, they try feeding off him, and he transforms into some kind of wolfman.  I guess they thought since it wasn’t a full moon that he was safe to attack.  He calls Aidan.  He keeps saying he can’t go home.  He told Aidan what happened, and Aidan said that didn’t make sense because even pure breed werewolves can’t turn at will.


Meanwhile, Sally is helping Nora get rid of her burn scars on her stomach.  After Sally said the spell, she disappeared back into the past.  She sees the little girl she saw before.  It seems she died in their house or something.  She saw the girl at a party in the 1970’s passing out lil’ smokies to adults.

Kenny admits to Aidan in the woods that he sent those two vampires to kill Josh.  That backfired.  He said he thought with Josh gone he hoped Aidan would accept him. Meanwhile Kenny gets a call and they have to leave.

Josh talked to Nora and is afraid the wolf is taking over.  She calmed him down, but he quit his job.  He couldn’t be around that environment.

Kenny’s blood club was attacked, vampires were killed.


Nora’s scars disappears and Sally tells her about what she saw.  Then Nora’s wall paper drops down and a message appears “Don’t leave me!”  Sally realizes she’s supposed to help the little girl.

Kenny and Aidan watch video of the vampire killings at the club, and see that it’s Suzanna…the end.

This is getting interesting.  I can’t wait to see what will happen next week.  Who is this little girl?  What will happen with Suzanna and Aidan?  And Kenny?  And Josh?  Can’t wait to find out!


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