The Walking Dead “Claimed”

Finally The Walking Dead “Claimed” came On Demand!  Oh smart, Tara is writing directions on her arm while in the back of the truck.  Red started killing walkers with a crowbar.  When the last one came up he said, “Oh, honey, look at you.  You’re a damn mess.”  Tara looks stunned.  Oh she was disturbed because he was enjoying himself.  Hey, you might as well have fun with it!

Aw poor Carl reminded himself that he thinks Judith is dead, before that he was laughing with Michonne.  Michonne is probably my favorite character on this show, she’s very strong.  She and Carl went out for supplies, and she noticed he was upset about Judith.  She told him about her son, which opened the door for a million questions from Carl.  Meanwhile, Rick is sleeping and has a home invasion.  He gave Carl his gun, so he’s unarmed.  He hides under the bed.  A man comes in with a big gun to raid the bedroom.

Michonne’s son’s name was Andre.  Oh, and Carl found a mutilated painting that appears to have been cut up by a maniac and then nicely wrapped.  Of course she finds the bedroom of a little boy after discussing her child with Carl.  Plus a very nice little girl’s bedroom with four very dead people, make that five.  Aw, Carl said “My dad let me name her.  Maybe her and Andre are together somewhere.”  Then they head back to the house where the home invaders are.  Rick has to kill these men before Carl and Michonne get back.  It is my theory that Michonne’s husband and his brother (or friend, whatever) killed their son and then themselves.  It would explain why she had them on a leash with their arms and jaws cut off.  She told Andrea they deserved it.

The home invaders fight over who is going to get the bed, right in front of Rick.  The one guy sees him, but it doesn’t matter because the other one kills him.  Oh, nope, just knocked out.  I believe there were three men though.

Glenn wakes up in the back of the truck and asks Tara about the bus.  She told him they were all dead and they passed it three hours ago.  He rams the window with the gun to get Red to stop the truck, he takes off.  Red tries to stop him.  They’re on a mission and the fate of the human race depends on it?  Sergeant Abraham Ford.  The guy with the mullet (Eugene: science up front, party in the back) is a scientist that they have to get to DC.  He said he knows what’s causing the dead to walk.  Abraham told Glenn his wife is dead, so Glenn punched him in the face.  Now Abraham is trying to choke him to death, which just rang the dinner bell for the walkers.  Eugene doesn’t seem to know how to work the gun.  Abraham tells Eugene to stop firing and then fires his own gun.  Pft, then he took the gun away, Eugene blew holes all threw the truck.  It was leaking gas bad, to which Abraham said, “Son of a dick.”

Meanwhile the third home invader was calling the other two, Rick got out from under the bed.  He can’t get any of the windows open.  They found Michonne’s shirt, now they are waiting for her to get back.  Rick runs into a bathroom and there’s a guy in there.  He strangles him with something and takes the gun.  Made a hell of a lot of noise.  He managed to get a window open in the bathroom, why is he opening the door?  He crawls out the window, which is naturally on the second floor.  He was unconscious the day before, so much for resting.

With the truck dead, Rosalita (the army chick) decides to go with Glenn and Tara claiming, “What the hell else are we going to do?”  So naturally, the other two follow.  Mullet (Eugene) seems pretty happy about it.  Apparently Rosalita is Abraham’s girlfriend.  

Michonne and Carl come back while one of the home invaders is sitting on the porch.  Some walkers distract them and Rick runs off with Carl and Michonne.  Michonne, Rick, and Carl find the sign for Terminus…the band is getting back together!  Well, you know what I mean.  I just hope this place isn’t like Woodbury, but it probably has the same kind of megalomaniac running it.  A new dude to fight, as if the walking dead wasn’t enough.  Well maybe we’ll get to see this place on Sunday.



Being Human “Gallows Humor”

Being Human “Gallows Humor”


Kenny came to Aidan’s rescue, but Aidan would only let him take care of the body.  Nora and Josh finally found Robbie’s body.  Oh dear, Sally is talking about bringing Robbie back from the dead.  And they don’t know that Robbie’s death was an attack and not an accident.  Sally decides to summon Donna to help her resurrect Robbie because there is no spell for it in the book.


Oh Sally went back to Donna’s death spot and possessed a woman to move a ladder.  She grabbed Donna and brought her back.

Hmm, Aidan went to see Suzanna and asked for some blood.  She gave him a small bottle and it made him sick, he started vomiting and fell over onto the bed.

Josh thinks the magic did something to change his personality.  Damn Robbie already learned how to get from one room to another without walking, Sally had to be taught by another ghost 6 months after she died.


Donna shows how she was killed by pilgrams, hanged. She tells Sally she could be stuck in the past forever if she continues.  Donna was resurrected by a coven of witches.  Donna had bee falsely accused of witchcraft and hanged, and the witches brought her back to join them by sacrificing another woman.

Suzanna is actually punishing Aidan for killing a stranger, even though she killed their son.  Aidan says he’s done fighting what he is, good for him.  Suzanna is determined to make him punish himself for killing that girl.  She says it’s the only way to never kill again.  He says he’s tried and it doesn’t work, of course it doesn’t work.  It goes against their nature, vampires kill.  He named a bunch of people he killed.

“That’s the most sensible thing you’ve said since I ate you,” Donna said to Sally when she said she couldn’t sacrifice someone for Robbie.


Nora freaked out about doors when telling Robbie what happens, freaked him out too.

Sally tells Robbie about what she saw.  She says she and Donna found a way to bring him back.  Donna tells Robbie, “Your sister means for you to live, it’s up to you to decide if you’re worth it.”  That made him think.  I love how he doesn’t even question what they have to do to bring him back.  Not to mention, he’s still going to die some day.

Robbie left, he didn’t want to be resurrected.  He felt like a failure and said he screwed up everything.  Donna asks for help from Sally to prevent her from ever coming back to that dimension, so that she can never use magic again.  Sally wasn’t sure she wanted to do it, she gew on her.  Donna asked her to never use the magic again, she could only promise to use it on special occasions.

Aidan asks for Suzanna’s forgiveness for all the things he’s done, and says he hates himself and nobody could hate what they are more than him.  Suzanna told him she killed their son.  Aidan grabs the stake to kill her but he can’t do it.

Josh nearly raped Nora, she had to pull a knife on him.  He wolfed out on her, literally on her.  He was as mortified as she was.  Nora’s leaving Josh, can’t really blame her.

Sally is trapped in the past watching her old self live with Danny and realizes she is just about to die because she is wearing the clothes she was stuck in.  And that was it.

Wow, from the previews of next weeks episode, it looks like Sally is about alter history.  This promises to be interesting.

*I’ll try to get more pictures later, SyFy hasn’t posted them yet.*

Bitten “Committed”

Bitten “Committed”


Jeremy gets an uninvited guest at the door, challenging him.  Clay kicks his ass and throws him out.  I have a hard time with Jeremy in this show, because he looks nothing like Jeremy.  Jeremy was supposed to be half Asian from the mother he never met.  I keep forgetting who this guy is.  


Back in Toronto, Elena sees Daniel Santos and is starting to realize that she is a werewolf no matter where she lives.  You’d think that would be obvious, but maybe it’s just me.  Oh interesting, I guess in the tv show Victor Olsen was one of her foster family’s neighbors.  Now I understand what Zachary Cain was talking about, getting back at Elena.  It didn’t make any sense before, because that wasn’t in the book.  Elena had been sexually abused many times in her foster families, but the tv show is adding neighbors as well.  She said she thought it was Victor Olsen, but it was Daniel Santos.

Elena told Logan but no one else, then bought a lot of alcohol.  Then she agreed to move in with Philip. grrrr.  


Nick found out that some guy was killed that used to be in the pack.  Meanwhile Elena is throwing a party for Philip’s annoying family.

Clay is getting annoyed because Jeremy is being a push over, just as Jeremy was about to argue Boggs, the mutt Clay beat the shit out of earlier, came back saying he had a right to fight for alpha.  This time Jeremy kicked his ass.  Jeremy can fight, it’s just not his thing.  Jeremy orders Clay to take him downstairs and interrogate him.  Clay locks him in the cage and proceeds to “question” him.

Daniel Santos shows up at Philip’s sister’s wedding.  More lies about Clay, he’s trying to make him look bad.  Meanwhile Clay found out Marsten sent Boggs.  Daniel asked Elena to join him.


Logan finds out that his girlfriend is pregnant, and she doesn’t know that he’s a werewolf.  Impressive for someone who should be dead.  Jeremy called Elena and she lied to him,which makes no sense.  She lies to herself, not Jeremy.  Logan’s girlfriend, Rachel is freaking out because she’s pregnant.


Elena won over Philip’s mother and then Clay calls.  He’s pulling Boggs teeth out and claiming he doesn’t want to and asks her to come home. So not something Clay would do.  Killing to protect Jeremy is in his nature, he thinks nothing of it.  Ugh, anyway, Elena left for Stonehaven, leaving Philip nothing but a text message..  I can understand changing the storyline, sort of, but the characters should at least maintain their personality.


Nick came home, I guess he and Antonio miss the dead guys.  Santos left a package for Jeremy with Elena, it was that guy’s eyes.  She gave it to Jeremy telling him Santos came to her.  And that was the end.

Being Human “Cheater of the Pack”


Being Human: Cheater of the Pack; I knew this was going to happen, but I honestly thought it would be Nora and not Josh that cheated.  I was very surprised that it was Josh that woke up with another woman that he apparently had sex with.



Then Sally’s brother Robbie shows up and announces that they have  days to get out of the house because he is selling it, or pay him $300,000 to buy the house.  They were the ones that fixed up the house, it was a piece of shit when they moved in.   Oh well, Robbie didn’t get to sell the house, but we’ll get to that.



Nora says she eventually wants for them to have a house of their own, but she knows Josh isn’t ready for that.  Josh was so guilty he said they should move and start looking for houses right away.  Of course, he hadn’t told her he woke up that morning after having sex with another woman.  That woman was really stupid, she thought her husband would see that it was just their wolves’ instinct.  Josh begged her not to tell Mark, but she said their relationship was based in honesty, so she had to tell him.



Suzanna caught Aidan being very hungry and she said she would help him get past the hunger so he could drink as little as she does.  She decided to babysit him for the day.  She should have kept him for the night, but we’ll get to that later.



Robbie keeps showing the house to prospective buyers, and Sally is furious.  She performed a spell to make the house stink.  Then she was transported to the past where she saw Robbie and Danny right after they moved into the house.



Robbie hated Danny and the house.  He was the only person that saw Danny for what he was and didn’t trust him.  Sally felt very bad for the way she treated him, back then it felt like he was attacking her.  She realized he was just looking out for her.  On a side note, that guy has to be Meaghan Rath’s real brother, they look exactly alike.  Ah, yep, I looked it up…



In the bar that Suzanna works in, Aidan tells Josh who Suzanna really is.  “Sure that’s normal.”  Aidan told Josh that he should NOT tell Nora about his romp in the woods with the pack girl.  He said it would only hurt her, Suzanna was listening and thinking about her own secrets.



I’m sure she is tempted to tell Aidan the truth about what she did to their son, and yet she doesn’t want to hurt him.


So instead she has sex with him, she said he needed a distraction from his hunger.  He promised her he could handle not drinking much blood.  She said she would make him pay if he slipped up.  He agreed to the terms like an idiot.



Just when Josh was about to tell Nora what happened, Mark showed up…and he was pissed.  He attacked Josh and threw Nora across the room, well then Josh went all wolfie on him after he threw Nora.  Then they left, and Nora said she was moving out.



Weird stuff was going on with the house and it seemed to have to do with that Lil’ Smokie girl. One of the people who came to look at the house had a little boy.  The little boy ran upstairs to go pee and was called into somebody’s closet.  It was that little girl.  He had been knocked down and his head was hurt.  Then Robbie was downstairs fixing something and the water heater started leaking and when the water touched him, the power tools went off and a saw fell off a table electrocuting Robbie.  Sally came back and told him she would make it up to him, she had just came from the house.  Then she realized he could see her and hear her.  Then they both looked at his body.  Meanwhile nobody went downstairs to check on him when the lights flickered, Josh was kinda busy.



And that very night Aidan went off the wagon.  So Suzanna will be torturing the hell out of him on Monday.  Can’t wait to see what happens next, and I’ll try to post on Monday night instead of Thursday.


No Humans Involved (Women of the Otherworld book 7) by Kelley Armstrong



The seventh book in the Women of the Otherworld series, No Humans Involved, is from the perspective of Jaime Vegas.   I have to say, when Jaime first showed up I really didn’t like her.  However, she’s become a more complex and stronger character.  She is still insecure, but has grown quite a bit since her first appearance in Industrial Magic (though she was first mentioned by Savannah in Dime Store Magic).  Jaime is a real necromancer and also a show medium, the later is more of acting than supernatural.  As shown in all her previous appearances in this series, she has a wild mad crush on Pack Alpha Jeremy Danvers.  After four years, and a lot of alcohol, Jaime finally invites Jeremy to go away to L.A. with her.  She is going to do a show with other fake mediums about the death of Marylin Monroe.  Naturally the trip does not quite turn out as expected.

As soon as Jaime goes into the garden of the house she and her costars are staying at, she gets poked by tiny fingers trying to get her attention.  For awhile she was afraid she was losing her mind, which sometimes happens to necromancers.  Eventually she realizes that these ghosts are indeed real, and the ghosts of children.  However, something is very wrong with them.  They can’t communicate with Jaime, so it’s up to Jaime and Jeremy to find out what happened to these kids and find out how to set them free.

They realize the kids were sacrificed for magic, but no supernaturals sacrifice kids.  They figured it had to be human magic, which shouldn’t exist.  They enlist the help of a half demon named Hope, and also Eve Levine.  Hope is a tabloid journalist and a member of the Interracial Council.  She tries to keep the supernatural stories out of the press, or at least make them unbelievable.  She introduces them to an anti-scam paranormal society to help them find out about human magic.

It turns out that Hope is good friends with Karl Marsten, I like him.  I think he has a big crush on her.  Elena told him to stay near Jeremy, so he was supposed to be in Arizona.  However, when he found out what Hope was investigating, he came to watch over her.  How sweet, at the same time he figured he’d be near Jeremy in case he needed help.  He didn’t realize the case was for Jeremy and Jaime, so he got to help.  Oh and he joined the pack.

(I’m trying to shorten my book reviews, I tend to get carried away when it comes to books.)

So in between Jaime’s narration, you get to see these humans trying to get magic to work by using human sacrifice.  The book actually begins with two people from this group that approach a homeless teenage boy.  He believes they just want him for sex, so he goes with them.  While he’s sleeping others show up, and eventually they burn him alive and harvest his organs.  It’s the leader of the group that has the ability to make the magic work.  The supernaturals speculate that she has some supernatural blood in her.

The next book in the series is from the perspective of Hope, who is the daughter of Lucifer.  One demon did help them, at the request of Kris Nast (Savannah’s father) when Eve couldn’t make it at first.  Aratron, I always like the demons best.  He was pretty cool.  It’s a good book, I recommend it.  It’s not Shakespaeare, but it’s a lot of fun.  

*Appearances from other characters: Savannah, Paige, Elena (on the phone), Lucas, Kris Nast,  Clay (accidently on the phone), Katherine Danvers (screaming in the background on the phone)

The Walking Dead “Inmates”

Inmates Episode 10 of The Walking Dead: Where did everybody go and whom did they end up with?


First we see Daryl and Beth.  They are fighting their way through the woods and the walkers.  Daryl shut down again, it seems.  Beth wants to try and find the others, Daryl doesn’t seem interested, but Beth insists.  Daryl doesn’t want to get his hopes up.  After Daryl kills a bunch of walkers, Beth loses it.

Micah and Lizzie are with Tyreese and Judith.  As most of us suspected, Tyreese did take Judith.  Tyreese hears a woman cry and leaves Judith and the two older girls to see if it’s someone from the prison.  Judith starts crying and Lizzie almost kills her, but Carol shows up just in time.  The people Tyreese was trying to help didn’t make it, but one of them told him there was a safe town up the train tracks called Terminus.  Tyreese, Carol, and the three kids head to the town.


Maggie, Sasha, and Bob are together.  Bob seems to be in a damn good mood, you have to wonder what’s up with that.  Maggie, of course, is focused on finding Glenn.  They don’t want to separate, so Sasha and Bob follow her.  The bus turned out to be just up the road and filled with walkers.  They let them all out to see if Glenn was one of them, but he was nowhere to be found.  I had forgotten that he got off the bus to look for her.


Meanwhile at the prison, Glenn wakes up.  He realizes that everybody has gone and runs in to pack.  He was the only one that got to pack besides the kids.  He packed some of the baby food and grabbed his gear.  He had a helmet and some police issue body armor type stuff.  When he went to leave, he found Tara.  Her sister died, and she felt like she didn’t deserve to go with Glenn because of what she had done.  He said he needed her though, so she went with him.  When they left the prison, some walkers followed them out.  They killed them, and three people showed up.  These are the ones from the comics everyone has been talking about.  So far we don’t know much about them, other than they drive a tank.  My guess is that they are from Terminus, but who knows.  I read something about them going north, but I can’t imagine Glenn would do that, not without Maggie.


Broken by Kelley Armstrong (Women of the Otherworld book 6)



Broken is the sixth book in the Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong, and like the first book in the series Bitten, it is narrated by Elena Michaels.  This time the book begins with a pregnant Elena trying to change into her wolf form.  Like most pregnant mother’s she was afraid of hurting her baby, unlike most pregnant mtohers, she had to turn into a wolf.  It is helpful to have read the previous books, but not entirely necessary.  The premise of this book stems from Stolen, when Xavier the half demon told Elena she owed him a favor for saving her twice (or at least he claims he saved her twice).

He says if she will steal the From Hell letter from a sorcerer, he will give the Pack the whereabouts of a certain mutt they were hunting.  In case you don’t know, The From Hell letter is a famous letter supposedly written by one of the world’s most famous serial killers, Jack the Ripper.  He gave them the location of the mutt as soon as they agreed to steal the letter for him.  The theft was super easy, too easy.  They went to Toronto, Elena’s home city, to steal the letter.  Xavier needed a werewolf to steal it because the grandson of the original person who had it stolen, the sorcerer, had put a spell up so that nothing in human form could get in.  However, a werewolf could get in, change just his hand to manipulate tools and whatnot needed to steal the letter.  Jeremy did this, he was the only one with enough control to pull it off.

Afterward, they went walking in the suburbs of Toronto and decided to have a look at the letter.  A mosquito landed on Elena, and Clay killed it and it landed on the letter, Elena squished it into the letter because she was angry that Clay hit her.  So a blood sacrifice in a way.  This opened a portal and a guy with a bowler hat came out and all kinds of craziness ensued.  They found out that the bowler hat guy was a zombie, and not the only one that came out of the portal.  There was also a woman, a prostitute, that came out of the portal.  She had syphilis (which she was spreading), there was a cholera outbreak, and some diseased attack rats.  If there was ever a reason to not hire a prostitute, a zombie prostitute with syphilis is a good one.

Xavier had initially called when Elena was only 5 weeks pregnant, however, things got held up on his end.  So by the time they went to Toronto, Elena was 5 months pregnant, but she is a werewolf and had no idea how long gestation would actually be.  Xavier, unfortunately, wasn’t in the book much.  Such a shame, I liked him.  However, there was a vampire named Zoe who had stolen the letter for the sorcerer’s grandfather 80 years ago.  She seemed very attracted to the very pregnant Elena.  Nick offered to help her out if she wanted to switch sides.  They had also enlisted the help of the famous necromancer Jaime Vegas, who has a wicked crush on Jeremy.

After being chased around by zombies through a museum in Toronto (clay was badly scratched by one, which turns out to be a very serious injury), they meet another man who claims he came from the portal.  This one was alive.  He said the half demon who created the portal and the zombies were after him.  Clay became very sick with the scratch and nearly lost his arm.

If you haven’t read the book, you may want to stop reading this here…the rest is about the ending.

The man from the portal turned out to be the man controlling the zombies and the man who created the portal.  He was trying to find immortality.  He decided he would fund the rest of his research by selling Elena’s babies, yes plural she was having twins.  He could sell her babies to sorcerers for a great deal of money.  Since it was Elena’s blood that opened the portal, he always knew where she was.  Jaime tried to tell Jeremy that she could summon one of the zombies and they could lead them to the sorcerer, named Hull.  Jeremy was tired and frustrated and didn’t want to hear about magic or summoning anymore.  He said no.  Elena overheard and took off with Jaime to find the prostitute zombie.

Rose, the zombie prostitute, had lost a finger the day before or earlier in the day, and Elena and Jaime went to find it.   Jaime used the finger to summon Rose.  Elena made a deal with her, and said they would kill her and end her suffering if she helped them find Hull.  She agreed as soon as she learned they’d kill him.  Rose had been killed a couple of times already, she lost a foot, had no nose, or mouth and more.  Jaime and Elena had to help her walk, until Nick came to help them.  Elena was going against Jeremy’s orders, but Nick wanted to help.

It turned out Hull was going after Zoe, another ingredient in his recipe for immortality.  Nick got knocked out by the sorcerer and Elena tried giving herself up until she could think of a better plan.  Jaime was around the corner, and took control of his zombie.  He had a knife and went after the sorcerer.  He knocked over the zombie and ran.  Elena ran after him.  They ended up in a basement, Zoe showed up, Elena thought she was dead.  He had ripped her throat open.  Elena killed Hull.  He had put a spell on her so that she couldn’t move, but she was still able to bite him, and she did.  Eventually she ripped his throat out.

When they went home, Elena gave birth to twins.  She named them Logan Nicholas Danvers and Katherine Natalya Danvers.  Katherine was Paige’s middle name.  Natalya was Elena’s mother’s name.


Bitten Episode 5


The pack is trying to figure out what to do about their mutt problem and also figure out exactly what is going on.  Then they showed how Elena and Clay met, and no it is not like the book.  They had met ten years ago in the book, but only four years in the tv show.  She was his student in the book (had taken one of his anthropology classes), while the tv show version shows her applying for a typing job for Clay and she didn’t even know what he taught.

Meanwhile, the cops have found the missing guy’s truck outside their property.  The police confront them, but they have no evidence, Jeremy suggests they help search the land for the missing dog owner.  Jeremy takes Clay in the house while the others search, because he is the prime suspect and the other hunters and searchers were throwing a hissy fit.  The dog owners friend insists on going with Nick and Elena in case they “tamper with the evidence.”


Holy shit, Victor is being played by Cass from Supernatural!

And they’re (Clay and Elena) having sex in a school office…flashback.


Then there’s the missing body everybody is looking for.  Elena smells the body long before they see him and comes up with a plan to distract the others.  She feigns an ankle injury and tells Nick to pick a fight.  That last part was easy, poor Nick.  It works, everybody is told to leave.  Elena heads back to the body.


They flash back to the first time Clay brought Elena home to meet Jeremy after they got engaged.  Jeremy was going to end their relationship (this is the same as the book, just to let you know).  They were not allowed to marry or bring any outsiders to Stonehaven.  Clay loved her, and he panicked.  He turned into his wolf form and he nipped her.


Oh the person who took the video of Elena and Logan in wolf form sent it to Philip.  Philip’s client claims he found it on the internet, but I doubt that.  Elena moves the body, and Daniel Santos (who doesn’t look anything like Daniel Santos) shows up at Stonehaven.  No, none of this was in the book.  Daniel Santos claims he wants back in the pack.

More flashbacks, Jeremy sent Clay away while Jeremy tried to help Elena as much as he could.  He did not expect her to survive, but stayed to help her through it anyway.  He was pleasantly surprised when she lived.  Clay let her out of the cage and she slammed him into it, knocking him out.

Santos claims the mutts have band together because of Clay, no lone mutt can stand against him.  And Elena is blaming Clay again and running away.  Typical.  She changed into a wolf to get rid of the body.

Zachary Cain approaches Victor Olson, the pedophile who just got out of prison.  Zachary tells Victor he wants him to go after Elena.

And Elena goes back to Canada again.  This episode didn’t have a name, just episode 5.


Being Human “Pack It Up, Pack It In”

“Pack it up, Pack it in, Let me begin”


Okay, enough song lyrics.  Kat is just not vampire girlfriend material.  The way she freaked out at seeing Sally’s corpse on the bed was a sign of how she handles things.  What did he expect?  There are some girls who would love him no matter what, Kat is not that girl.  She has way too much fear.  I never liked her.  Moving on.


Nora and Josh go to see the nice normal looking werewolf baby and meet another werewolf couple.  They brought the baby some gifts.  The woman, who’s name  I can’t recall, says that she regrets not being able to have a baby shower because it all happened so fast, and Nora says she will throw her a baby shower.  Two weeks later they have the baby shower.  Aidan is crushed because Kat broke up with him.  He has ghost taunt him and Sally banished them from the house.  It’s the first time Aidan has ever been dumped, and he’s been alive for over 250 years.  Okay, he’s attractive, but I still find that hard to believe.  I guess he usually kills them first.


As Josh is about to get some stuff for the party (that’s an hour and a half away, they aren’t very prepared for this), Josh’s sister shows up and says she’s been sober for a week and a half and needs to crash on their couch.


Aidan takes off and finds Kenny following him.  Kenny figures out what’s wrong and tells him step two, after walking around sad is drowning his sorrows (he learned all of this from tv).  Then he said he kept a fridge filled with bagged blood just in case Aidan ever came over, so Aidan agreed.  Kenny was so excited.

Meanwhile, Josh’s sister Emily is being awkward at the baby shower.  Josh HATES the new werewolf he just met named Mark, who invited a ton of other werewolves to the baby shower.  I think he and Josh may end up battling it out in the future.  Ugh, the new dad says he asked Mark to invite the pack out of fear of vampires.  He is thinking of joining their pack.  Josh tells him it’s a mistake and the vampires have called a truce, the new dad (I have to find out his name) doesn’t think it will last.  He says he has to protect his family and there is safety in numbers.


After a very large werewolf tells Josh his deviled eggs were perfection and he’s “an artist,” Sally pops up and says she just spent 4 days with a 16 year old Josh in 2001 and watched him have sex with Julia.  She said she was impressed.  Meanwhile he’s getting more pissed off about the multitude of werewolves in his house.  And then the new guy starts preaching anti vampire shit, and Aidan and Kenny walk in.  LMAO, and dance like idiots screaming “It’s a werewolf dance party!”  Aidan is completely drunk.  While Aidan’s dancing with Sally, Kenny tries unsuccessfully to make friends.  Emily is not dealing well with all the alcohol, so she goes upstairs.  Sally follows her and puts a spell on her trying to make her see her.  However, she doesn’t, but something happened.  Sally gets thrown back to 1920’s Aidan’s life.  “Wow, it’s Aidan Capone.”  Meanwhile he’s with his older son, and their taking snacks home (two women).

Mark was bitching about Aidan and Kenny, and Josh said if he didn’t like them being their Mark could take all his uninvited guests and get the hell out of his house.  Josh is getting all dominant, good for him.  While Aidan’s hallucinating about Kat, Kenny makes a werewolf girlfriend.

being human 4 529

Back in the 1920’s, Sally is still stalking Aidan.  Oh wow, after Aidan and his son finish their snacks, an older woman comes along.  Aidan calls dibs, and Sally freaks out and jumps in the woman’s body.  She calls his name, but it doesn’t do much.  He grabs her and feeds off her.  I’m not sure why Sally is so shocked, he is a vampire.  Vampires feed off human blood, he’s just acting like a vampire.  That’s what I liked about Bishop, he didn’t pretend to be anything besides a vampire.  She pops back in front of Aidan and says she’s been gone for two weeks and is worried she’ll get stuck in the past.  He’s too drunk to care.  


Emily thinks about grabbing a bottle when Kenny shows up she puts it down.  She can see his face, his real face and she freaks out.  She causes a vampire vs. werewolf fight.  Aidan and Kenny kick ass then they leave.  Andrew and Caroline, the new parents, decide that’s all they needed to join the pack.  Meanwhile it’s all Sally’s fault.  Sally tells Josh and says she wants to try more spells, and Josh is just fed up.

Aidan stalks Kat and thinks about compelling her, but doesn’t.  Emily decides to leave admitting she is too fragile to handle all the craziness in Josh’s life right now.  Sally tells Aidan what she saw in the 1920’s and he’s mortified.  Kenny brings a strange statue back to the house he took during the fight and has his new werewolf girlfriend.  Oh shit, that’s a cat, my uncle had that same cat statue only this one has a baseball thingy over it’s face.  Kenny asks if Aidan wants him to erase Kat and he says no, he just needs to go through the pain.  So Astrid the werewolf is going to catch shit from the werewolves and Kenny the vampire will catch shit from the vampires for being together.

Nora talks Josh into joining the pack, she always liked being in a pack, Josh hated it.  He still hates Mark, even though he apologized.  This can’t end well.