Bitten “Trespass”



Okay, I’ll try not to say “this is wrong, it’s not how it happened in the book.”  Just take that as a given and I’m trying to move past that.  So they find the body of a little boy on their property.  Just when Clay is about to hide the body, a few hunters show up.  They have an altercation.  They have a dog with them, and Elena tries to bother the dog by snarling at it.  The dog takes off, at the same time, Clay grabs the one guys gun and hits him in the face with it because he took the safety off.  Jeremy asks Antonio and Nick to escort the men off the property and wait for the sheriff.


Jeremy orders Clay and Elena to town to look for the mutt, while the others are to find Karl Marsten who they are supposed to ask for information for.  Elena got flowers from her bf in Canada, Jeremy threw them out because of Clay.  Clay heard her on the phone with the same bf and tried to drowned out the conversation with the car radio.  Then they go to town.  They find a rave advertisement (I had no idea they advertised those, I thought the idea was to keep them secret).  So obviously a rave is the best place to hunt, so the mutt will be there.


Meanwhile at Stonehaven the sheriff and her team are trying to find out what kind of animal their dealing with, because they don’t think it’s a wolf.  It’s too big.  Nick, Peter, and Logan go to some place Nick owns to meet Karl Marsten.  “How do I look?” Elena asks Clay.  He only ever sees her as perfect.  She enters the rave alone, so she and Clay don’t freak out the mutt.  Elena finds him pretty quick, he kind of sticks out since he’s just standing there watching.  Unfortunately Elena scares the shit out of him by turning just her hand and digging claws into him.  This causes him to change, and she throws him into an office and holds the door shut.  That actually did happen in the book, since it seems to be becoming a rarity, I felt the need to mention it.


The boys play pool with Marsten and ask him who bit the mutt, and he mentions his desire for property.  Meanwhile, Elena is holding the office door and the pounding all the sudden stops, the mutt got out.  He gets out and goes on a killing spree in the midst of the rave.  The sheriff and her team leave Stonehaven and head for the warehouse where the rave is.  Clay jumps in to help Elena with the mutt…and the police show up.  The sheriff shoots the wolf, but it keeps advancing and then gets hit by a truck which kills him.


There was a survivor of the mutts attack, which means he was going to turn.  Clay smothered him.  Elena tried to get him to stop, but he had to kill him.  Aw, Pete was giving hugs to Logan and Nick, then they had a group hug.  Elena claims she’s going home in the morning.  She so had her head up her ass in this book…show…whatever.


WTF?  She went back to Toronto?  Oh it might be Vancouver in this show.  Logan and his girlfriend show up for a surprise dinner planned by their significant others.  Logan and Elena struggle to keep up with the lies they’ve told to cover their secret.  Nick and Antonio leave and decide to keep an eye on Marsten and all his financial dealings.  He was a thief in the book.  Ugh, Logan is giving Philip tips on Elena.  Clayton calls Logan while he’s talking to Elena’s bf.  Logan says they have to go back right away.  Pete’s dead.  His fingers were cut off (some of them).  That’s the end.



This is pretty far removed from the book, so it’s loosely based on the book…very loosely.  I’ll try to get a post up about the book, so you can read a review from that.  If you haven’t read it, you can compare it to the series.


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