Industrial Magic (Women of the Otherworld book 4)


Industrial Magic, like Stolen, is from the point-of-view of Paige Winterbourne.  In this book, Paige, Lucas Cortez, and Savannah live in Portland, Oregon in a small apartment.  Paige is quickly learning that her ideas about starting a new coven are not going to pan out.  She realizes that she is not even sure that she wants to run a coven anymore, it seems that was her mother’s dream not her’s.  Paige started jogging because she realized she found herself running a lot anymore, and really couldn’t outrun anybody.  She came back from a jog to find two very large apish looking men standing in front of her apartment waiting for her.  They turned out to be the guards of Benicio Cortez, Lucas’ father and the Cortez Cabal (kind of like the Godfather).  He wanted to speak to Paige, though he expected her to come to his car.  She said no, he wants to talk to me then he can come inside.  He did, and was afraid to touch anything.  He told her about a case he wanted them to work on involving a young witch who was attacked, and it wasn’t the first attack.  She kicked him out of the house, knowing he was just trying to get her to force Lucas into working for him.

When Lucas came home, he decided to take Paige to Miami to see his father and formally introduce Paige.  He was concerned about her safety.  He filled out the paperwork declaring their relationship, yes you read that right, some sort of insurance policy for her protection.  While they were in Miami there was another attack.  Initially Paige turned down the case, Lucas had to work on a court case, so it was Paige that had to work on it.  However, when one of the Cabal’s personal bodyguard’s son turned up dead, she couldn’t turn her back on the kids that were being attacked.  She promised the boys father that she would find whoever did this.   She was the one who found the body.  Lucas’ dad pointed out that the killer was targeting kids tied to the Cabals and there was only one that had no protection…Savannah, who was tied to two Cabals.  Though the Nast Cabal, her grandfather, wanted nothing to do with her.  Benicio had already sent for Savannah and arranged for her to come to Miami on his private jet.  Elena and Clay drove down to Miami to pick her up and take her to New York with them…after a trip to Universal Studios Orlando.  While Clay and Elena are there, we find out Clay actually likes Lucas and was disappointed he had to go to a court case.

Paige and Lucas decided they needed more information, the only surviving victim was in a coma.  They decided to enlist the help of a necromancer.  Lucas promised he would find Paige one.  When he called, he kept saying things like she was the only one available and don’t judge.  She went to meet Jaime at some event, which was a surprise to her.  Then she was seated in an audience.  On one side of her was a teen and on the other side was an old lady.  She wondered what kind of an event drew such a diverse crowd.  Then Jaime Vegas came on stage, and she realized it was the medium that Savannah watched on TV.  She was so not happy.  However, Jaime got back into the dressing room before Paige was able to find another necromancer.  So she decided to give her a chance.  They went to interview Dana in the hospital.  She couldn’t give many details, and Jaime promised they’d be there with her dad when she woke up.  Then she told Paige it was too late and she’d never wake up.

Lucas then came back from his court case, having finished it long before he thought he would.  They got a lead that one of the former employees that worked with computers was fired by two Cabals, but he lived in California.  So with the help of Adam Vasic, they went to question him.  The Nasts sent a crew to get the guy too early and Paige was taken hostage.  She was stabbed a few times and suffered a collapsed lung.  Lucas transferred her to Miami and had her up and around to watch the trial of the guy they caught.  They were going to appeal the guilty verdict, but the Cabal’s killed the man immediately.  Paige and Lucas knew that if he was involved in the killings, he wasn’t alone.  Now they had nothing more to go on.  Outside the courtroom, one of the Nast kids was murdered and nobody saw it.  It was one of Savannah’s cousins.

Jaime decided to tag along in case they needed more help.  They did.  They went to a book store to find a contact of Lucas’ to see if they could find some leads.  The man was on vacation, but Jaime got attacked by some books, books about vampires.  Stephen King’s Salom’s Lot to be specific.  There was a ghost that couldn’t talk to Jaime, but was trying to get a message to them.  It seemed to point to Cassandra, the only vampire Paige was in contact with.  She called her.  Cassandra ended up coming to Miami, but they realized the killer was a vampire.  Paige and Cassandra went to Atlanta to find Aaron, the guy that was the last kidnapped supernatural in Stolen.  He said there was a guy in New Orleans that was anti-Cabal, so Cassandra and Paige went to question them.  Aaron and Lucas showed up the second time they were questioning the guy.  The New Orleans vampire and Aaron felt they knew who it was, a couple Kenneth and Natasha.  They had lived in Ohio where, through phone records, Lucas thought the killer lived.  It turned out that the Nasts were looking to put a headquarters there.  They had a run in with them and killed Natasha.  He was pissed, they had been together 150 years.  They were also looking for a way to become fully immortal by doing tests using human body parts…fresh ones.  They had killed tons of people, which is why the Nasts were trying to get rid of them.  They lost the guy though, and he came looking for them.  The other Cabals they had gone to for help.  None would even speak to them, so he blamed them all.  Meanwhile they realized that the woman haunting Jaime was Natasha, which is why she couldn’t hear her.  Dead vampires can’t communicate with necromancers.

So they had to catch him.  He killed one more Cabal teen, then Paige and Lucas were on his tail.  They found him in an alley and a portal opened up, he shot Lucas.  Lucas fell into the portal and Paige jumped in after.  They ended up surrounded by rocks.  I’m not sure what happened to Natasha, she shrieked and fell back and disappeared.  However, Eve (Savannah’s mom) was able to get to Paige.  Kristoff Nast couldn’t materialize there, but Eve could hear him.  She promised to help Paige and Lucas.  Lucas was passed out, so Kristoff said he’d stay and watch out for him.  Paige and Eve went to try and find a way out.  They were headed to dead Miami to try to talk to Jaime when they got sucked out and into a room with the Fates.  They agreed that Paige needed to go back, but Lucas was dead, he had been shot in the heart.  Eve pleaded and asked to make a deal.  They said they would send both of them back if Eve promised to do them a favor when they asked.  She agreed and took Paige to her portal, they had already sent Lucas through.  His shirt had a bloody hole, but he didn’t.  Meanwhile a giant blond wolf showed up, Elena.  Jeremy, Elena, Clay, and Savannah came to look for them because they hadn’t called.  They thought the vampire had gone through the hole but it turned out he hadn’t.  They had Jaime find out how he could get the portal reopened.  He needed the blood of one who had gone through or the blood of the parent of the same gender…Lucas’ dad.

Benicio had an event to attend and refused to cancel, so naturally they went to protect him.  Jaime got kidnapped, because the vampire didn’t know how to open the portal but a necromancer would.  They realized Jaime was missing and went after her, though Paige was first stopped by Hector, the brother that tried to have her killed in the last book.  Clay came and broke his fingers, told Paige to let him know if that guy ever tried to bother her again.

Back at the alley, Benicio slipped past Cassandra and Aaron (who were guarding him) by having a decoy wear his mask, it was a masquerade.  Benicio ended up tied up next to Jaime but on purpose, so that Lucas wouldn’t get killed.  Lucas and Paige got to the first and Jeremy and Savannah showed up.  Savannah helped Jeremy provide a distraction so Paige and Lucas could attack.  When they had him on the ground, Benicio came over (he was tied up until then) and told him he’d make him regret killing his son almost twice.  He killed him and cursed him in the afterlife so he couldn’t be with Natasha.  Oh and Jaime had a big ol’ crush on Jeremy.


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