Being Human “Panic Womb”

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Josh is still exercising like a madman.  Meanwhile he has the attention span of a gnat.  He’s hilarious.  Sally is still trying to find out about the little girl, and asks Nora for help.  Nora has a double shift and suggests Josh help, it becomes very clear that Josh can’t help anybody.

Kenny interrupts  Aidan while he’s dreaming about having sex with a vampire Kat.  He crawled through Aidan’s bedroom window.  He was worried about finding Suzanna, and someone coming after Aidan.  Aidan decides to take Kenny downstairs so he can leave through the front door, which means telling Nora and Josh that he didn’t kill Kenny.  Kenny apologizes to Josh and Nora for nearly killing Nora.  Nora understands that it’s in their nature and hard to control, Josh is not so easily forgiving him.  He walks out and goes for a run.


While he’s on his run, he smells a pregnant woman…a werewolf pregnant woman, and he approaches her.  He could smell her fear.  She was only three months pregnant and looked ready to deliver.  She hadn’t seen a doctor because she was afraid of what they’d find.  So Josh suggests Nora helping since she’s a werewolf and a nurse.


Zoe is reluctantly helping Sally find Lil’ Smokie.  They find the house where the girl she saw being sacrificed lives, though she seemed very much alive and not sacrificed.  She has a daughter that looks exactly like Lil’ Smokie.  The girl watches Sally and Zoe drive away, kind of watches them strangely.  Then the mother , Beatrice, opens the picture Zoe pulled up from the paper and there is another girl that looks exactly like her standing in the attic of the house.  Zoe tells Sally that she ruins everything she touches, and that’s why she didn’t tell Sally about her girlfriend.


Aidan confronts Suzanna, who confesses that she kills vampires and asks for his help.  She says she drinks 70 ml a day and he should try it.  Aidan said, “I feel like you’re trying to sell me a juicer or something.”  Suzanna says, “It’s them or me.”  Then Aidan goes back to planning a vacation with Kat.

Meanwhile, Nora gives the werewolf baby an ultrasound.  The husband is a complete spaz and freaks out.  Josh restrains him with wolfie eyes.  After seeing the babies claws, the husband unplugged the ultrasound machine and carried his wife out of there.

Aidan asks Nora to memorize a bunch of stuff about his fake identity for Kat.  Aidan tells Kenny Suzanna is the killer, but not exactly that she’s his wife.  She would still be his wife, I don’t think there is an expiration date on marriages.


The pregnant lady and her husband show up, her water broke.  Bonus to being a werewolf, a three month pregnancy!  Who wouldn’t like that, am I right ladies?  I had nine months of puking and swollen ankles.  Nora has to deliver the baby with a semi-psycho husband.  He’s nervous, can’t blame him.  Nora delivers a baby girl that looks like a strange wolf human, but once she’s in her mother’s arms she looks normal.  Then Josh and Nora talk about babies…hmm, foreshadowing me thinks.


Suzanna tells Aidan that if he really loves Kat, he should stay away from her and end their relationship.  For some reason this causes Aidan to tell Kat (and show her) exactly what he is.



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