Bitten “Grief”


The pack gathered to celebrate Pete.  They still have to figure out what is going on.  Ugh, I know I said I would compare to the book, but they took all the things I can’t stand about Elena and made them a bigger part of her.  At least she didn’t blame Jeremy for everything in the book, but in the tv show, she blames him too.


Clay takes Elena on a run to help calm them down.  Meanwhile the sheriff is still having a problem with the fact that the child was killed somewhere else and dumped on their land.

Antonio and Jeremy talk about the “other pack families,” I wonder who they are?

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Hmm, they sheriff talks to the old sheriff who tells her a telephone line worker disappeared on Stonehaven property years ago.  Everyone is suspicious of them.  Elena picks up the scent of the mutt that killed Pete.  Okay, I have to contrast the book and the tv show for the diner scene, because it’s funny.  In the book, Clayton Danvers was so perfectly handsome that everybody in town knew who he was, and he hated it.  Because he was so good looking, everyone looked at him when he walked in and they said hi to him.  Nobody could ignore him.  In the tv show, nobody notices him except a teenage girl who says he’s hot.  When they get up to leave, one of the hunters that they kicked off their property confronts them about the missing dog owner.  He said he was coming to their property to talk to them and then disappeared.  Clay tells him they’re leaving and walks past him and the guy takes a swing at him.  Elena catches his fist in her hand and tells him she’s sorry his friend is missing but don’t make things worse.  Naturally everyone was watching.



Antonio pretended to be an FBI agent looking for Pete to Pete’s manager.  As soon as Antonio turned his back, he called Pete and told him to stay away for awhile, so he won’t be looking for him.


Elena picked up the mutts trail at a cheap motel.  She and Clay searched his room.  Elena finds the mutts serial killer scrap book.  They see Karl Marsten and Zachary Cain with the new mutt.  They escape through an adjourning room and jump off  the balcony.  The pack finds out that all three new mutts escaped from prison and then were turned into werewolves.  They decide it’s time to take out the mutts, kill them.  Clay asks Elena if she’s prepared to do that, she says “if that’s what it takes.”


Logan gets a visit from Daniel Santos, former pack member, asking him to join forces.  Meanwhile Jeremy, Clay, Elena, and Nick go back to the motel.  They find Pete’s finger in a glass after Clay nearly got shot by a booby trap.  The guy had a shot gun taped to a chair to shoot anyone who opened the door.  Elena vowed revenge.

Bitten - Season 1


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