Haunted (Women of the Otherworld book 5) by Kelley Armstrong


Haunted is from the point-of-view of Eve Levine, the mother of Savannah Levine.  Yes, she’s dead, but she still has a point-of-view.  I have to tell you, this one made me cry.  It’s a mom thing, Eve tried so hard to protect Savannah.  In Industrial Magic, Eve made a deal with the fates that if they sent both Paige Winterbourne and Lucas Cortez back to the world of the living, she would owe them a favor.  Paige wasn’t supposed to be there, but Lucas was actually dead, hence the favor.  Eve agreed, since she wanted both Paige and Lucas in Savannah’s life.

Now the fates have called on her to collect on the favor.  What’s the favor?  Find a demi-demon called a Nix that finds partners to wreak deathly havoc on the living.  Working with an angel named Trsiel, Eve sets out to figure out where this Nix is hiding.  The problem is that she had made a deal with a woman to take over her body while the Nix murdered her father.  The woman couldn’t do it, so she asked the Nix for help.  The Nix got in her body and decided not to leave for six years.  When she finally set the woman up to get caught for all the murders the Nix had created, the Nix couldn’t leave the body.  When the woman was killed, the Nix became a ghost.  This made her harder to catch.  Up until this point, Eve had spent her afterlife trying to figure out how to protect her daughter, Savannah.

At her side, unofficially, is Savannah’s father Kristoff Nast.  He is totally in love with her and would do anything for her, and she feels the same way, even though she tried to deny it for a little while.

The Fates showed Eve some of the Nix’s past partners.  Two that killed children.  As a mother, naturally Eve was determined to catch the Nix.  The Nix didn’t make them kill, but she gave them the ability to do it.  The Nix didn’t choose the victims either.  Eve decided she needed a necromancer, so of course she went to Jaime Vegas.  She knew of her because Jaime worked with Paige and Lucas in Industrial Magic.

Jaime was on stage giving an interview, when Eve showed up, she scared the shit out of Jaime.  Jaime said that was against the rules.  Eve was like, you mean theirs rules to this?  She followed her to a restaurant where Jaime was poking at a salad.  Jaime kept trying to get rid of Eve, but just then a headless guy came to the table.  I mean he had his head, it was just in his hands.  Eve verbally assaulted the guy and shoved him, knocking his head all over the restaurant.  Jaime thought it was hilarious.  She said if Eve wanted to talk to her, she had to get rid of that guy and she’d help her.  Eve agreed to those terms and walked off after him.  She chased him to a psychiatric hospital.  Before she could follow him the whole way, a dead body guard told her she had to talk to Ted if she wanted to “join.”

She decided to ask Kris for help.  Usually he was at her house, but she realized it was Thursday which meant he was playing hockey.  A dead hockey team, there’s a new one.  Apparently hockey is not a Cabal approved sport, but he loved it.  He kept getting kicked into the penalty box, but he was enjoying himself nonetheless.  He immediately drops what he’s doing as soon as he sees Eve, even though he was just sitting in the penalty box.  He gave Eve some tips on appearing to be alive in front of ghosts before they went off to the psych ward together.  They tricked the guy into standing guard at the psych ward to keep ghosts from disturbing the patients that were already disturbed.

Eve asked Jaime to search for high profile murders in an attempt to find the Nix’s last partner.  Jaime tried to call Elena, who wasn’t home, and ended up asking Jeremy instead…as she tripped over her own tongue.  She has a major crush.  She printed out all the articles about the cases and left them on the bed for Eve to read.  She found a winner, a mother who killed her children as revenge on her cheating husband.  She almost past it up, but one of the people interviewed said they new she was thinking about revenged but didn’t think she had the guts to do it.  She went to the prison to find her.  Eve was able to get into the woman’s memories and see that the Nix did indeed help her kill her children, and the woman’s only concern was that she’d be caught.  Naturally, this disgusted Eve, she wanted to kill her then and there.  She called Trsiel to tell him she found the woman.  The Nix was back in the ghost world.  Trsiel would continue to monitor the woman for when she came back to the world of the living.

Eve decided to investigate what she was doing in the ghost world, she knew she was up to something.  For that, she visited another of her old partners…Lizzie Borden.  She found out she was looking for a man in the ghost world, a half demon, who taught poltergeisting.  She and Kris decided to go check him out.  First they had to get through Pirate land and steal a ship with a werewolf guard.  Then they got to this guys house and he was surrounded by Nymphs.  He said he didn’t know anything about the Nix and seemed pretty nervous that one wanted to see him.  He was a chicken.  Basically he had sex with them in exchange for his teachings.  As Eve was leaving, one of the Nymphs said that he was lying and the Nix was there.  She pulled Eve into the forest and attacked her, it was the Nix.  She tried to send Eve into a hole, but Eve did an anti-demon spell, which hurt Eve as well since she’s half demon.  She had called Trsiel, but he didn’t show up until after the Nix left.  They went back to the prison and saw a glimpse of where she popped up in the living world…right near Savannah in Portland.  Savannah was the Nix target, but not the janitor that she had partnered with.  She just wanted to take out everyone.  Trsiel, Eve, and Kris were trying to stop the janitor.  Kris told Eve to find the Nix and he’d find Savannah, who was in the community center taking an art class.  When Eve found the Nix, after she had shot a bunch of people, she was right in front of Savannah.  She had put up a cover spell though.  The Nix shot a woman in front of Savannah, which killed her spell.  Trsiel, late again, showed up and the Nix left.  Eve could do nothing to protect Savannah, no matter how hard she tried.  Paige and Lucas showed up and got Savannah.

Trsiel told her the Fates wanted to make Eve an angel, which made her laugh.  It turned out to be true though.  What she needed to catch the Nix with was the angel stuff, but she couldn’t become an angel until after she caught the Nix.

The Nix had been trailing Eve and she didn’t know it.  Eve had gone back to talk to the poltergeist guy again and he told her about an amulet for demons that would give anyone with demon blood the ability to possess anyone.  She heard a shuffle behind her, but didn’t see anyone.  Next  Trsiel took her to an old Scottish castle, because the Nix had been there.  It turned out the amulet was there, as was the demon who made it.  They found out where he hid it, and the Nix was listening.  Eve found it first, then the Nix found her.  She called Trsiel, but before he got there the Nix did a spell to look like Eve.  When Trsiel finally showed up, the Nix said Eve was the Nix and Trsiel slashed her leg with his sword.  The Nix vanished.  He took Eve back to his place until she recovered.  That’s when he told her that if she became an angel, she’d have to leave the ghost world…and never see Kristoff again.  She was so not doing that.

She went back to see Jaime and the Nix was there.  The Nix had made herself look like Eve and asked Jaime to let her possess her body to protect Savannah.  Jaime had put a barrier up so no other ghost could interrupt.  Eve called Trsiel, who was too late yet again.  Dude was never on time, never trust an angel.  By the time he got there, the Nix was leaving in Jaime’s body.  She said she was going to kill Paige and Lucas and make Savannah think she did it.

They decided to talk to the one the Nix betrayed to find out how he got the Nix out of her body without an angel sword.  To do this, Eve had to go to his hell.  She had to battle a bunch of serial killers, the Fates said she could become an angel if she needed to just by wishing it.  In case she got in trouble, that’s what she was to do.  Kris made her promise she would do it if she had no other choice, he said they’d find a way to be together.  She made it out without becoming an angel, though she got some nifty scars and lost a tooth.  She also had to be rescued, the guy dumped her potion that got her out of there.  It turned out he didn’t know how to get her out of the body, it was just dumb luck.  Her partner was dying, and she was getting thrown out of the body.  That partner was later brought back to life, resuscitated.

Eve realized she needed to possess Paige and fight the demon to try and keep everyone alive.  Kris was with her, but she couldn’t see or hear him.  Lucas knew immediately that she wasn’t Paige.  He put his hands around her throat and tried to choke her, he wasn’t so pleased to find out that it was Eve.  They worked together to try and get the Nix.  There was interference from the Nix past partners though.  One of the one’s that killed children showed up and displaced the Nix…took over though the Nix was still there.  Finally she choke Jaime, and ended up telling Savannah who she was because she was freaking out.  When Lucas was bringing Jaime back, they could see the Nix.  Then the worst happened, she jumped into Savannah…the Nix didn’t even realize that she could do that.  As the Nix tried to kill Paige/Eve in Savannah’s body, Eve ran out of options.  To save everyone she became an angel.  She killed the Nix and was taken away before she even got to talk to Savannah again.  They showed her Savannah was okay though, and told her they would arrange it so she could be with Kris half the year and the other 6 months she would be in angel world doing angel stuff.  It was a very good book, but it did make me cry.


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