The Walking Dead “After”

The Walking Dead returns!  Starting off at the prison, Michonne was the only one there..well and the walkers.  She collected two more walkers and cut their arms and jaws off and put them on a leash.  Hershel’s head was zombified, she stabbed it with her sword.



Rick is figuring out that his son does not need him.  I’m pretty sure that kid is thinking seriously about bailing on his dad.  The man had his ass kicked.  At this point Rick needs Carl more than Carl needs Rick.  They found some food at a restaurant and then they find a house.  A really nice house.  Rick kind of looks like the walking dead.

Michonne dreams about her family and the two guys she used to have on leashes.  She dreamt of her son.


Carl can’t wake Rick up and as he’s screaming at him trying to get him up, some walkers come to the door and try to break in.  Carl goes out the back and confronts them.  He takes them for a walk and then runs into another one…”Oh shit!” sums it up pretty well.  He manages to shoot them all, though they all fell on him.  He got out of it.  Maggots were crawling out of one guys head and then he puked.  Then he said “I win.”  Super realistic video game at it’s best.

Michonne is walking her new friends in the woods while she walks in the midst of some other walkers who don’t seem to notice her.


Carl is angry at Rick and blames him for the loss of the prison and not protecting everyone.  He tells Rick he’d be fine if Rick died, that he doesn’t need him anymore.   Carl thinks they’d have been better off leaving before the governor came, since he knew where they were.  He says Rick was hiding.  Carl takes off by himself, searching for more food.  He’s going to run out of bullets.  He took a solar lantern with a stake at the end of it.  Smart kid, and he found a house with a lot of food.  Nearly gets eaten by a walker, runs out of bullets…yep knew that was coming.  Lost his shoe to a walker, but got out.  He’s getting too cocky.  He wrote on the door in chalk, “walker got my shoe but he didn’t get me.”  This kid is going to get himself killed.


Michonne’s group of walkers keeps getting bigger, then she flips out and starts whacking them all with her sword.  I think she just got rid of her pets.  Oops. She’s crumbling, needs to find the others.  She had found some footprints earlier, and went back to follow them.

Carl starts to think his dad’s a walker, grabs his gun and starts crying.  He said he was wrong and couldn’t shoot his dad.  He admits he’s scared.  Michonne is on their trail, she shows up at the restaurant they raided.

Rick finally woke up, and Michonne found the giant can of pudding that Carl ate and dropped on the ground.  She found them.  She knocks on the door, Rick looks out the peep hole and sees her and starts to laugh.  Carl says, “what?”  Rick says, “It’s for you.”




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