Being Human “Pack It Up, Pack It In”

“Pack it up, Pack it in, Let me begin”


Okay, enough song lyrics.  Kat is just not vampire girlfriend material.  The way she freaked out at seeing Sally’s corpse on the bed was a sign of how she handles things.  What did he expect?  There are some girls who would love him no matter what, Kat is not that girl.  She has way too much fear.  I never liked her.  Moving on.


Nora and Josh go to see the nice normal looking werewolf baby and meet another werewolf couple.  They brought the baby some gifts.  The woman, who’s name  I can’t recall, says that she regrets not being able to have a baby shower because it all happened so fast, and Nora says she will throw her a baby shower.  Two weeks later they have the baby shower.  Aidan is crushed because Kat broke up with him.  He has ghost taunt him and Sally banished them from the house.  It’s the first time Aidan has ever been dumped, and he’s been alive for over 250 years.  Okay, he’s attractive, but I still find that hard to believe.  I guess he usually kills them first.


As Josh is about to get some stuff for the party (that’s an hour and a half away, they aren’t very prepared for this), Josh’s sister shows up and says she’s been sober for a week and a half and needs to crash on their couch.


Aidan takes off and finds Kenny following him.  Kenny figures out what’s wrong and tells him step two, after walking around sad is drowning his sorrows (he learned all of this from tv).  Then he said he kept a fridge filled with bagged blood just in case Aidan ever came over, so Aidan agreed.  Kenny was so excited.

Meanwhile, Josh’s sister Emily is being awkward at the baby shower.  Josh HATES the new werewolf he just met named Mark, who invited a ton of other werewolves to the baby shower.  I think he and Josh may end up battling it out in the future.  Ugh, the new dad says he asked Mark to invite the pack out of fear of vampires.  He is thinking of joining their pack.  Josh tells him it’s a mistake and the vampires have called a truce, the new dad (I have to find out his name) doesn’t think it will last.  He says he has to protect his family and there is safety in numbers.


After a very large werewolf tells Josh his deviled eggs were perfection and he’s “an artist,” Sally pops up and says she just spent 4 days with a 16 year old Josh in 2001 and watched him have sex with Julia.  She said she was impressed.  Meanwhile he’s getting more pissed off about the multitude of werewolves in his house.  And then the new guy starts preaching anti vampire shit, and Aidan and Kenny walk in.  LMAO, and dance like idiots screaming “It’s a werewolf dance party!”  Aidan is completely drunk.  While Aidan’s dancing with Sally, Kenny tries unsuccessfully to make friends.  Emily is not dealing well with all the alcohol, so she goes upstairs.  Sally follows her and puts a spell on her trying to make her see her.  However, she doesn’t, but something happened.  Sally gets thrown back to 1920’s Aidan’s life.  “Wow, it’s Aidan Capone.”  Meanwhile he’s with his older son, and their taking snacks home (two women).

Mark was bitching about Aidan and Kenny, and Josh said if he didn’t like them being their Mark could take all his uninvited guests and get the hell out of his house.  Josh is getting all dominant, good for him.  While Aidan’s hallucinating about Kat, Kenny makes a werewolf girlfriend.

being human 4 529

Back in the 1920’s, Sally is still stalking Aidan.  Oh wow, after Aidan and his son finish their snacks, an older woman comes along.  Aidan calls dibs, and Sally freaks out and jumps in the woman’s body.  She calls his name, but it doesn’t do much.  He grabs her and feeds off her.  I’m not sure why Sally is so shocked, he is a vampire.  Vampires feed off human blood, he’s just acting like a vampire.  That’s what I liked about Bishop, he didn’t pretend to be anything besides a vampire.  She pops back in front of Aidan and says she’s been gone for two weeks and is worried she’ll get stuck in the past.  He’s too drunk to care.  


Emily thinks about grabbing a bottle when Kenny shows up she puts it down.  She can see his face, his real face and she freaks out.  She causes a vampire vs. werewolf fight.  Aidan and Kenny kick ass then they leave.  Andrew and Caroline, the new parents, decide that’s all they needed to join the pack.  Meanwhile it’s all Sally’s fault.  Sally tells Josh and says she wants to try more spells, and Josh is just fed up.

Aidan stalks Kat and thinks about compelling her, but doesn’t.  Emily decides to leave admitting she is too fragile to handle all the craziness in Josh’s life right now.  Sally tells Aidan what she saw in the 1920’s and he’s mortified.  Kenny brings a strange statue back to the house he took during the fight and has his new werewolf girlfriend.  Oh shit, that’s a cat, my uncle had that same cat statue only this one has a baseball thingy over it’s face.  Kenny asks if Aidan wants him to erase Kat and he says no, he just needs to go through the pain.  So Astrid the werewolf is going to catch shit from the werewolves and Kenny the vampire will catch shit from the vampires for being together.

Nora talks Josh into joining the pack, she always liked being in a pack, Josh hated it.  He still hates Mark, even though he apologized.  This can’t end well.



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