Bitten Episode 5


The pack is trying to figure out what to do about their mutt problem and also figure out exactly what is going on.  Then they showed how Elena and Clay met, and no it is not like the book.  They had met ten years ago in the book, but only four years in the tv show.  She was his student in the book (had taken one of his anthropology classes), while the tv show version shows her applying for a typing job for Clay and she didn’t even know what he taught.

Meanwhile, the cops have found the missing guy’s truck outside their property.  The police confront them, but they have no evidence, Jeremy suggests they help search the land for the missing dog owner.  Jeremy takes Clay in the house while the others search, because he is the prime suspect and the other hunters and searchers were throwing a hissy fit.  The dog owners friend insists on going with Nick and Elena in case they “tamper with the evidence.”


Holy shit, Victor is being played by Cass from Supernatural!

And they’re (Clay and Elena) having sex in a school office…flashback.


Then there’s the missing body everybody is looking for.  Elena smells the body long before they see him and comes up with a plan to distract the others.  She feigns an ankle injury and tells Nick to pick a fight.  That last part was easy, poor Nick.  It works, everybody is told to leave.  Elena heads back to the body.


They flash back to the first time Clay brought Elena home to meet Jeremy after they got engaged.  Jeremy was going to end their relationship (this is the same as the book, just to let you know).  They were not allowed to marry or bring any outsiders to Stonehaven.  Clay loved her, and he panicked.  He turned into his wolf form and he nipped her.


Oh the person who took the video of Elena and Logan in wolf form sent it to Philip.  Philip’s client claims he found it on the internet, but I doubt that.  Elena moves the body, and Daniel Santos (who doesn’t look anything like Daniel Santos) shows up at Stonehaven.  No, none of this was in the book.  Daniel Santos claims he wants back in the pack.

More flashbacks, Jeremy sent Clay away while Jeremy tried to help Elena as much as he could.  He did not expect her to survive, but stayed to help her through it anyway.  He was pleasantly surprised when she lived.  Clay let her out of the cage and she slammed him into it, knocking him out.

Santos claims the mutts have band together because of Clay, no lone mutt can stand against him.  And Elena is blaming Clay again and running away.  Typical.  She changed into a wolf to get rid of the body.

Zachary Cain approaches Victor Olson, the pedophile who just got out of prison.  Zachary tells Victor he wants him to go after Elena.

And Elena goes back to Canada again.  This episode didn’t have a name, just episode 5.



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