Broken by Kelley Armstrong (Women of the Otherworld book 6)



Broken is the sixth book in the Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong, and like the first book in the series Bitten, it is narrated by Elena Michaels.  This time the book begins with a pregnant Elena trying to change into her wolf form.  Like most pregnant mother’s she was afraid of hurting her baby, unlike most pregnant mtohers, she had to turn into a wolf.  It is helpful to have read the previous books, but not entirely necessary.  The premise of this book stems from Stolen, when Xavier the half demon told Elena she owed him a favor for saving her twice (or at least he claims he saved her twice).

He says if she will steal the From Hell letter from a sorcerer, he will give the Pack the whereabouts of a certain mutt they were hunting.  In case you don’t know, The From Hell letter is a famous letter supposedly written by one of the world’s most famous serial killers, Jack the Ripper.  He gave them the location of the mutt as soon as they agreed to steal the letter for him.  The theft was super easy, too easy.  They went to Toronto, Elena’s home city, to steal the letter.  Xavier needed a werewolf to steal it because the grandson of the original person who had it stolen, the sorcerer, had put a spell up so that nothing in human form could get in.  However, a werewolf could get in, change just his hand to manipulate tools and whatnot needed to steal the letter.  Jeremy did this, he was the only one with enough control to pull it off.

Afterward, they went walking in the suburbs of Toronto and decided to have a look at the letter.  A mosquito landed on Elena, and Clay killed it and it landed on the letter, Elena squished it into the letter because she was angry that Clay hit her.  So a blood sacrifice in a way.  This opened a portal and a guy with a bowler hat came out and all kinds of craziness ensued.  They found out that the bowler hat guy was a zombie, and not the only one that came out of the portal.  There was also a woman, a prostitute, that came out of the portal.  She had syphilis (which she was spreading), there was a cholera outbreak, and some diseased attack rats.  If there was ever a reason to not hire a prostitute, a zombie prostitute with syphilis is a good one.

Xavier had initially called when Elena was only 5 weeks pregnant, however, things got held up on his end.  So by the time they went to Toronto, Elena was 5 months pregnant, but she is a werewolf and had no idea how long gestation would actually be.  Xavier, unfortunately, wasn’t in the book much.  Such a shame, I liked him.  However, there was a vampire named Zoe who had stolen the letter for the sorcerer’s grandfather 80 years ago.  She seemed very attracted to the very pregnant Elena.  Nick offered to help her out if she wanted to switch sides.  They had also enlisted the help of the famous necromancer Jaime Vegas, who has a wicked crush on Jeremy.

After being chased around by zombies through a museum in Toronto (clay was badly scratched by one, which turns out to be a very serious injury), they meet another man who claims he came from the portal.  This one was alive.  He said the half demon who created the portal and the zombies were after him.  Clay became very sick with the scratch and nearly lost his arm.

If you haven’t read the book, you may want to stop reading this here…the rest is about the ending.

The man from the portal turned out to be the man controlling the zombies and the man who created the portal.  He was trying to find immortality.  He decided he would fund the rest of his research by selling Elena’s babies, yes plural she was having twins.  He could sell her babies to sorcerers for a great deal of money.  Since it was Elena’s blood that opened the portal, he always knew where she was.  Jaime tried to tell Jeremy that she could summon one of the zombies and they could lead them to the sorcerer, named Hull.  Jeremy was tired and frustrated and didn’t want to hear about magic or summoning anymore.  He said no.  Elena overheard and took off with Jaime to find the prostitute zombie.

Rose, the zombie prostitute, had lost a finger the day before or earlier in the day, and Elena and Jaime went to find it.   Jaime used the finger to summon Rose.  Elena made a deal with her, and said they would kill her and end her suffering if she helped them find Hull.  She agreed as soon as she learned they’d kill him.  Rose had been killed a couple of times already, she lost a foot, had no nose, or mouth and more.  Jaime and Elena had to help her walk, until Nick came to help them.  Elena was going against Jeremy’s orders, but Nick wanted to help.

It turned out Hull was going after Zoe, another ingredient in his recipe for immortality.  Nick got knocked out by the sorcerer and Elena tried giving herself up until she could think of a better plan.  Jaime was around the corner, and took control of his zombie.  He had a knife and went after the sorcerer.  He knocked over the zombie and ran.  Elena ran after him.  They ended up in a basement, Zoe showed up, Elena thought she was dead.  He had ripped her throat open.  Elena killed Hull.  He had put a spell on her so that she couldn’t move, but she was still able to bite him, and she did.  Eventually she ripped his throat out.

When they went home, Elena gave birth to twins.  She named them Logan Nicholas Danvers and Katherine Natalya Danvers.  Katherine was Paige’s middle name.  Natalya was Elena’s mother’s name.



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