The Walking Dead “Inmates”

Inmates Episode 10 of The Walking Dead: Where did everybody go and whom did they end up with?


First we see Daryl and Beth.  They are fighting their way through the woods and the walkers.  Daryl shut down again, it seems.  Beth wants to try and find the others, Daryl doesn’t seem interested, but Beth insists.  Daryl doesn’t want to get his hopes up.  After Daryl kills a bunch of walkers, Beth loses it.

Micah and Lizzie are with Tyreese and Judith.  As most of us suspected, Tyreese did take Judith.  Tyreese hears a woman cry and leaves Judith and the two older girls to see if it’s someone from the prison.  Judith starts crying and Lizzie almost kills her, but Carol shows up just in time.  The people Tyreese was trying to help didn’t make it, but one of them told him there was a safe town up the train tracks called Terminus.  Tyreese, Carol, and the three kids head to the town.


Maggie, Sasha, and Bob are together.  Bob seems to be in a damn good mood, you have to wonder what’s up with that.  Maggie, of course, is focused on finding Glenn.  They don’t want to separate, so Sasha and Bob follow her.  The bus turned out to be just up the road and filled with walkers.  They let them all out to see if Glenn was one of them, but he was nowhere to be found.  I had forgotten that he got off the bus to look for her.


Meanwhile at the prison, Glenn wakes up.  He realizes that everybody has gone and runs in to pack.  He was the only one that got to pack besides the kids.  He packed some of the baby food and grabbed his gear.  He had a helmet and some police issue body armor type stuff.  When he went to leave, he found Tara.  Her sister died, and she felt like she didn’t deserve to go with Glenn because of what she had done.  He said he needed her though, so she went with him.  When they left the prison, some walkers followed them out.  They killed them, and three people showed up.  These are the ones from the comics everyone has been talking about.  So far we don’t know much about them, other than they drive a tank.  My guess is that they are from Terminus, but who knows.  I read something about them going north, but I can’t imagine Glenn would do that, not without Maggie.



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